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What team do you all support?

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Ok, im new here, and theres probably been a post same as this at some other point, but id just like to get an idea as to what footie teams you all support..?


Are you an Owl, a Blade, a Spirite, a Dingle or a Rover..?


just for the record, im an Owl. Always have been. Always will be.

come on you wednesday..!

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Why's that neo?

A sad bunch of over-paid losers performing way below their abilities with no commitment or passion each week.

Why would it be good to see them return to their former "glories"?

Why do people seem to think Wednesday have some sort of divine right to play top-flight football?

People need to accept that THEY JUST AREN'T GOOD ENOUGH.

They will rot in Division 2 like the unfit, inadequate wasters they are. They haven't a hope of promotion, and they wouldn't deserve it if they had.

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This is a friendly site. If you want to pick a fight with some Wednesday supporters then please go and register on their official web site. I would prefer this forum to be used to discuss football/sport at a higher level than slinging about phrases such as "inadequate wasters".


I personally don't support either team, so it's not a matter of defending Wednesday or United - it's a matter of creating and running a good quality Sheffield web site.



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