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Java applets on yahoo games won't load

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Hi..I hope someone can help? :(


I have been searching the net for 2 nights trying to find out how to sort this but nothing has worked!


The problem is when my sister trys to play a game on Yahoo site (Literati) The applet won't load. It had a error message saying JRE Collision. We tried uninstalling java and reinstalling it again but it still doesn't work.


It's a bit strange, the other night the applet loaded and she got to play a game but then the next day it wouldn't work again. Last night she managed to get one game again but it won't work today :confused:


Thank you :)

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Hi, Thanks for the reply!


We had a look at that yesterday, we got so far down and then didn't know what to do for number 4. I found something similar to this on another site and managed to get to the end of that but it still doesn't work.


1) First check what is the latest version of jre installed in ur system.

This you can find in C:\Program Files\java.

For Eg: suppose that u have j2re1.4.2_05 directory in C:\Program Files\java

and suppose that this is the latest one installed in ur system.


2) Now check whetehr u r having a 1.4.2_05 directory under


in ur registry. If not create it .

(For the people who don't know registry handling...

we can go to registry by typing regedit in Run of Windows)


3) In that add a key with name JavaHome of type String.


4) Modify it ... and in the place of value give the path of ur jre.

For Eg: in our context the value will be

C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.2_05




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