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Mostly Natural Images from in and around Sheffield

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Some pictures I have taken recently and not so recently. If you would like full resolution versions, I will happily mail them to you (or you can have prints direct to your door via shutterfly.com)


Anyway the pictures are here


Like to know what you all think (I have thousands, but mostly of my son).

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Originally posted by "geoffbowen"


Great pictures - like the sunset ones in particular.


Moved this to the Sheffield related forum :wink:


The sunset pics practically take themselves.


It's a lovely little rocky outcrop, perfect for pondering and reflecting. And at the summer solstice it faces the setting sun perfectly.


The whole landscape around that little enclave of the SSSI at Wyming Brook is curiously fairytale. Almost like a film set, compact but very fully featured and ornate with detail. I am really drawn to it.


If you'd like to visit this spot you can find it at OS Grid Ref 427275E 386170N or here

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Fishing for more compliments/criticisms.


Geoff didn't you start posting images of Sheffield on here or somewhere? Maybe a web site where we can post images of Sheffield and friends (not like that Sheffield Uncovered site tho (steam escapes from collar))

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these images were taking with a nikon coolpix 2500 and 3500 digicam, no filters were used, but I used manual mode and underexposed by a stop or so to capture the full gamut of colours in the darker sunset pics. Also used scene modes 'sunset', 'landscape' and 'night landscape'. most of the sunset pics were also taken at full zoom.


like I say, if you expose correctly (i.e underexpose slightly) when photographing sunsets, they pretty much take themselves.


Never really seen the point of filters, since they never add information to an image, only reduce information.

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Hey, how do you feel about selling you images or lending them to charity? Only, I think the Trust's Nature Reserves team might be interested in the Wyming Brook photos.

Ever considered and freelance work? Seriously. I'm looking for a photographer for a project in Norfolk Park.


Good work.



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