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Information about getting your belly button pierced

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I want to get my belly button pierced soon, but I have heard that you have to undo your trousers(pants) to get it pierced. Is this true? If so how far do they undo? Do they undo the zip all the way? Does the piercer unzip them or ask you to? Is it the same for everybody?




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I'm sorry to say that I don't know...

As long as you go to a professional to get it done and not a cheap job, you should be ok and they will treat you right. I can't imagine them making you undo your trousers.. If they do, they should ask you and even then, you shouldn't have to should you not wish to.


Kind regards,


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How old are you laura???

I assume you are over 16!!!


As far as i know they only need to undo your trousers if they cant get to the belly button, they have to be able to get to the skin about 2/3 inches below the belly button cos they have to clamp it.

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I've had mine done for years now. I had it at feline tatoo off of ecclesall road. They were very professional and you will need to undo your trousers if its waist line is around your belly button. You can't have your skin all squashed up as (as said above) you need to get a clamp on it and your skin needs to be flat. Its nothing to worry about. It was a woman who did mine and you don't have to open them lower than your knicker line. It didn't hurt that much. The clamp hurt more than anything!

You won't be able to do your trousers up for a while afterwards. You need really baggy lose waistlines.

Try getting your bikini waxed, you have to take your trousers off for that and its far more painfall!

Goodluck :D

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Originally posted by "RPG"


dont lie neo, ive seen that bellybutton ring youve got LOL :lol:


Oh you'll pay for that one.. Yes, you will.

*plots revenge* :twisted:


For anyone not picking up on RPG's sarcasm, no I don't have a bellybutton ring.. :P




Originally posted by "Andy"


Why do you want your belly pierced?


Why not? If looked after and it doesn't go all nasty, it can look pretty damn sexy!

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Why do so many people with flabby bellies insist on having it done though. Laura, unless youve got a flat stomach (which im sure you have) dont bother cos it looks bloody awful otherwise. If you aint got it, dont flaunt it.

(although i personally think they look a bit too 'atomic kitten' whatever your stomach looks like)

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