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If you were about to be stranded...

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well, it'd have to be:


(not in any order)


1. someone who loves me

2. a laptop with wireless internet connection ;)

3. an ipod crammed full of my fave music

4. a good book (possibly 1984 by george orwell, or a dilbert book)

5. photos and videos of the people i left behind

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sounds like a topic i would get told off for postings :wink:


1) Shaving Mirror...so if planes or UFOs fly past i can flash the mirror at the sun telling them "Oi i stuck down here"


2) a laptop so i can laugh at the posts about favourite buildings and wanting to move to Sheffield on this forum


3) A glass of lager that refills its self when its empty


4) A magic lamp so i can wish for whatever i want


5) Jorden so i can use her as a boat because she can never sink and i would ride her round the 7 seas :D

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FYI cannabis is far more useful than just drugs you know.




nutritious oil



nutritious seeds



its the swiss army knife of plants


it will grow to 20ft tall in a season


only the female flowers contain active ingredients, especially if not pollinated. Female flowers are resinous just like hops (same family) so it is also possible to make nice beer from cannabis flowers too


They set seed readily and adapt to local conditions within a few generations. the only thing they will not really provide you with is food, apart from seed, which is very rich in essential fatty acids.

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