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Sheffield, Chesterfield, Rotherham or elsewhere??

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Hi all,


I know this has been asked before but...


I'm looking to move to Sheffield as that's where I'm now working. My dilemma is this: Although I know the city centre, I have very little clue about other areas in the city (despite having worked there for a year).


Although I would love to move to Dore, like most of the non-millionaire population, I could never afford it. Instead I was thinking of moving to somewhere near to Sheffield as property seems much more reasonably priced. Trouble is I haven't a clue where's hot and where's not.


I have roughly 65K to spend and want some opinion on where best to spend it. So please give me your opinions and bare in mind when answering that I'm 26years old, have no family that I'm moving with me and I still like to roll in at 3-4am on a Sunday morning (preferably without worrying the lovely old folks in the local community).


So where can I live that's not going to set me back £40 for a taxi home after a night out (as it does now) and is reasonably young, lively and safe?


Anyone with particularly inspiring ideas can claim a prize.





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In my opinion a good place to live is Chapeltown S35 area of sheffield(nothing to do with me living there of course) :)

But in all seriousness it is a good place, for 65K you can get a very nice 3 bed terraced property on a nice street, Chapeltown its self is fab it has about 8 pubs all with in 10/15 mins of each other, it has a train station, lots of busses, its with in 5 mins of the M1 and a taxi home from sheffield city centre will cost you about £12, oh and its only over the hill from Barnsley and Rotherham also not bad places for a night out.


If you want to know more go to www.upmystreet.co.uk and type in the post code S35 you can get loads of info there.


Happy Hunting


Angie :D

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Thanks Angie,


I've been going through Chapeltown on a regular basis, because I live on the far side of Barnsley at the moment (you're right about a Barnsley night out - definitely better than Sheffield). I'd not really given it much thought before, but I'll definitely take a closer look.


Thanks again



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