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Searching for properties in Sheffield

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I am a doctor in training presently at grimsby moving to sheffield in august

we have a 2y4m old daughter

As I got my placement only last week during the weekend veiwed few houses in the fullwood and crosspool area suggested to be good by few colleagues

:( after seeing the property prices

I have put an offer 161k for a 3 bedroomed detached house in the crosspool area where asking price was 159.95K

but as usually estate agents are waiting for better offers

I have selected crosspool mainly because of schools

another house which I felt ok was a 3 bedroomed semi detached property

whose asking price is 164.5k.today when i called estate agents the current bid for the property was 194K..I was taken aback by the price and obviously didnot place an offere

I feel so called good areas are overpriced by 30 - 40 k mainly because of schools

can anybody tell me about the private schools and costs so that I can stay outside sheffield send my daughter to the modern world best schools :?:

also is there is any good way to handle this estate agents?

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Hello Dr.

I hope the following proves useful to you. At the moment we live in a place called Penistone, a lovely little town about 13 miles from Sheffield with reasonable priced housing. My daughter goes to Sheffield High school, a private school in S10 area of Sheffield. My wife commutes into Sheffield (about 35 minutes) but after a couple of years of this we have decided to move and will be shortly moving to S10 area to cut down on commuting. The school fees cost about £1500 per term (£4500 per year) but we consider it money well spent. If you're willing to commute just make sure that it's a journey that won't drive you mad and bear in mind that a long commute can be hard on the child (we have to leave at 07:20 every morning to beat the traffic etc).

If I can be of any more help, send me a private message and I'll tell you all about our buying experiences etc.

See also the "dodgy estate agents" link.



Col S

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