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Tourism & Travel Complaints





I am from Malta, a country about to join the EU.

Some tourists resorts in Malta, namely, Qawra and Bugibba, have adopted a go as you please attitude for certain enviornmental issues.


The city has over 100,000 inhabitants during summer, yet you hardly see any police roaming across the streets. Drunk british tourists are allowed to smash parked cars and disturb public peace all night till 0600. Wardens ignore private cars playing loud pop music and horns till the early hours of the morning. Cars crossing one way streets etc .


Entertainment noise is accepted as normal by the local mayor Mr. Paul Bugeja, and the police inspector (who is refusing to give his name). This is because he ownes a bar called Caesers at Bugibba square, and the local police inspector allows him to hold street disco's every night till tyhe small hours of the morning. Next to Caesurs, is the disco bar The Miracles, the owner of which is a close buisness friend of the mayor, and is also allowed by the local police to hold daily discos at the square.

Othe bars/restaurant/nightclubs given permission to hold these street disco's are:


Miss Molly


Bugibba Holday Complex


Wise Guy


Next Time



Crystal Inn Piano Bar

Angelo's 2

to name just a few. Most of the entertainment places have no formal permission to operate, and worst still are using public land and pavment to operate.

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Originally posted by "alchresearch"


How do you know it's only british tourists?


Because they are the only ones stupid enough to ruin other people's countries after a bit of sun and too much cheap beer.

indeed, this is my experience also.


Sorry to hear about the trouble in Malta, and the bad behaviour of tourists there. I will pass this information on to friends who may be considering Malta as a holiday destination.

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I think its absolutely disgraceful when people behave in the most deplorable manner under the influence of any intoxicating drug, be it alcohol or drugs.


Its a shame that SOME Brits give the whole nation a bad name by behaving like idiots abroad

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