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Have you had an accident....AGGGHH

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i was walking thru town today (from the moor, up to fargate) and i got asked several times by people saying "have you had an accident in the last few years.." SHUT UP!!!11 AAGHH


*calm down*...*breathe*... :lol:


seriously mind, if you dont make eye contact with them they should leave you alone, never before have i seen so many marketing people in town before..


but i did see the friendliest big issue seller :D who instead of shouting BIG ISSUE!!! in my face asked me calmly "would you like this months big issue sir?"


oh and an excellent violinist who i gave all my 5p's to ;)

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This was my LAST experience with one of those accident peeps. Try it next time


Accident man: "Excuse me madam have you had an accident in the last three years?"

Moon: "no I haven't thank you" attempt to move quickly with pram and small child...no chance

AM: "has your son had an accident?"

Moon: "no" give up stand and listen

AM: "Not fallen over at school or nursery?"

Moon: "no"

AM: "has your daughter had an accident whilst playing in the park, or your son?"

Moon "no"

AM: "What about your husband?"

Moon: "No"

AM: Sarcastically "So basically you are a really healthy family with no accidents"

Moon: "No, I'm a witch accidents happen to OTHER people!"


Happy hunting. :D


Moon Maiden


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One woman was stopping (trying to stop...) people on the Moor this afternoon, asking if they were married or not.


what was that all about?


Maybe she fancies them :twisted:

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How annoying! I know how they feel though! At work i have to ask EVERY customer if they want an account (28.9% APR with no discount) . It usually goes something like:


Me: 'Would you like a...'

Them: 'NO!'


Youve got to remember theyre trained to do what they do and theyre doing it to earn money and TRY not to take it out on them. Going out on the streets is a bit desperate though. You could sue the council for tripping up on a stray pebble these days (sadly, probably literally.) Were turning into america. First thing we think when someone we know/we get hurt is 'oooh i wonder how much money i cant get for that.'

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