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[Sheffield RPG Convention] Furnace 21st/22nd October 2007.

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Furnace is a tabletop roleplaying game convention in Sheffield UK, taking place on the weekend of 21st-22nd October 2007 at The Garrison Hotel.


There will be space for 50+ delegates and you are most welcome to join us for a convivial weekend of roleplay gaming amongst the seven hills of Sheffield. Set in a former army gaol, 4 of the gaming tables are set in the cells of miscreants and scallywags. Where better to game!


Information will become available over the coming weeks on this website as we gear up for a fun weekend of roleplaying games. Please use the forum at the Tavern to chat about the convention; the games you want to bring and play and anything else that strikes you. The Tavern’s First Age (me), Newt, Darran and Guvnor are bringing this new event to you and we are happy to help with any of your questions.


Look forward to meeting you at Furnace 2007!

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Furnace 2007. The Garrison Hotel, Sheffield. UK

Saturday 20th - Sunday 21st October 2007.



Furance is a small two day convention for 70 attendees held in a former gaolhouse of Hillsborough Barracks in Sheffield, UK.

Call of Cthulhu, HeroQuest, RuneQuest and plenty of other game systems will be played at this convention.


A colour Convention Book will be produced and given free to all attendees on arrival.

As well as information on the convention, venue and games programmes there will be articles on gaming and role-playing.


The Furnace 2006 Con Book contained articles on convention GMing by Evilgaz, an introduction to Gwenthia by Tom Zunder, a Gloranthian HeroQuest scenario by Newt, 'Hunting the Marsh Haggis' by Jane Williams, Serenity:HeroQuest by Darran Sims, a Kallyr story by Jane Williams, an intro to 'Red Star' for Evilgaz's game, along with information about the games, the venue and the favoured charity, Wateraid.


We are looking for contributions for this year's Convention Book, whether it is artwork, maps, articles, non-player characters, scenarios, encounters, gaming or GMing advice, settings, stories or anything else you can think of.


We can not pay you but all contributors will receive the heartfelt thanks from the Furnace Committee, the joy of seeing their work in print and a free copy of the Con Book. :D


All copyright of any material we use in the book remains the authors or artists, so you can use it again elsewhere.


If you can send all submissions to darransims AT googlemail DOT com.

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A couple more things to think about.


The deadline for the Furnace Con Book is Monday 24th September 2007.


Getting stuff earlier would be good though. :wink:


As for word count anything from 1000 to 4000 words. A scenario could be a little more at 6000 maximum.


If you have any accompanying artwork I can include that as well or do my own for your article. Artwork can be in colour as the Con Book will be printed in full colour [that will be good for maps!].


I have had a few things already, news on them later, but I would like some more please?

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0 Furnace 2007. The Garrison Hotel, Sheffield. UK

Saturday 20th - Sunday 21st October 2007.




The venue from outside



As we reflect on how brilliant the coming summer will be this year, I thought it was timely to remind you to take a look at Furnace, tabletop roleplaying game convention set in a converted gaol house amongst the hills of Sheffield. It is almost very castle like.

We're running the convention over the weekend of October 20th/21st 2007.


Main website: http://www.rpgfurnace.com


Many familiar tentacles will be there and some new tendrils too. Our game line up so far includes:


Call of Cthulhu 'Dr. Zugsmith Leaves for Cairo' Classic 1920s.

Call of Cthulhu 'The Legacy of Deacon's Wood.' Gaslight.

Call of Cthulhu 'Slapton Sands' Modern Day.

Savage Worlds 'Mission Arcturus' set in the 2300AD sci-fi universe.

Mythic Russia 'Party like its 1381!' run by the game's author Mark Galeotti.

'In search of the King' set in the First Age of Middle Earth and using a new game system.

Monkey 'The Bag of Wind' a new storytelling game based upon this much loved Chinese Classic.

Blood and Sand 'Enter the Arena' epic swords and sandal action using the MRQ SRD

'Bullet Cop Against the Mob' hardboiled 70s cop action.

RuneQuest 'She dreams of Empires' set in Michael Moorcock's Elric setting.

Plus expect more great games to be added to this list.


Five game sessions, Twelve tables, seventy gamers, one gaol. Will you be allowed home?!




Tabletop game of Serenity - I think they got into some trouble?



Evilgaz runs his games in one of the four cells



A game played in the 'basement cell' - note the clever use of the screen.



A Gloranthan miniature wargame



Me at Furnace's very own bar! - I was there a lot



Signup here: http://www.rpgfurnace.com/?page_id=13


To see photos of the venue and last year's event:


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So here are the games I will be running at Furnace 2007. There are a couple of new games that are debuting at Furnace plus one game that hasn't been played too often. If there is time and demand I may run one of my other Serenity games as well.



'We are the Boys…'

This is a new game based on a very popular TV series in the UK. This will not only stretch my scenario writing ability and my GM style but the HeroQuest games mechanic as well. Very much a 'beer & pretzel' game played for some laughs. I hope that it goes well.






'We are the Boys…' by Darran Sims narrated by Darran Sims.

HeroQuest adventure for 6 players.

Newcomers very welcome. Maturity preferred.


It is the dark summer of 1940 and the storm clouds of war still hang over Europe. Nazi Germany is poised to do Hitler's bidding and invade this green and pleasant land. The Local Defence Volunteers will be the last bastion of England when the invasion comes; if they fail then the country will be under the Nazi jackboot and all freedom lost.

And where will the Nazi vanguard attack?





Serenity/FireFly: HeroQuest

These are games based on the series FireFly and the film Serenity by Buffy's Joss Whedon. The player characters will be the crew of The Betty from Alien: Resurrection; Joss Whedon's first stab at a misfit crew of smugglers onboard an old, broken-down ship.




The first game, 'Echoes in the Black', has been run nineteen times now at various conventions and has always been over-subscribed.


The sequel, 'The Quick and the Dead', has only been run six times and has now been extended with extra dilemmas.


The second sequel [or is that threequel?] debuted at Conception 2007 and has only been ran once. I am running it again especially for Furnace 2007. 'Dead Reckoning' is the third in the series of Serenity:HeroQuest games and is completely brand new [though certain parts of the plot my be similar to the other games!]. It still uses the crew of The Betty but puts them in more perilous and immoral situations. Included with more silly props!


Debuting at Furnace 2007 is the fourth in the series called 'No Power in the 'verse'. This is payback time and the Alliance and Blue Sun will suffer when the crew of The Betty discover the darkest secret yet and will try to bring an end to their evil plots.


Due to the popular demand of these games a seventh player character has been added to all games. The games can be played in order to experience the full epic narrative arc but each game is also complete in itself and can be played as a one-off.




'Dead Reckoning' by Darran Sims narrated by Darran Sims.

Serenity: HeroQuest adventure for 7 players.

Newcomers very welcome. Maturity preferred.


"Feh Feh Pi Goh! This job should have been shiny!

Here we are floating in the black about to make a move on the 'verse's easiest mark, a Research & Rescue vessel doing 'science' well away from civilisation. The Guay Tuh Guay Nown patron said it would be like taking candy from a baby. "Just don't use sensors as you approach," he said, "use dead reckoning to get in close."

Not only have we just seen what they are actually doing the 'science' on but we have just learnt who the Lao Buhn is who is bankrolling this caper.

A certain Crime Lord with his own Skyplex and a very nasty rep.

Dead Reckoning indeed!"




'No Power in the 'verse' by Darran Sims narrated by Darran Sims.

Serenity: HeroQuest adventure for 7 players.

Newcomers very welcome. Maturity preferred.


"Well, they have hurt me jobs, hurt my pay, hurt my ship, hurt my crew and now they are hurting my head.

Well I say 'no more!'

I ain't sitting back on this one, no sir. I am goin' to take it to them. Hurt them hard. See how they like that! I coming at them straight and true.

No power in the 'verse can stop me!"



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Here is the latest games programme for Furnace 2007.

Thre are a few outstanding games still promised that have yet to be announced.


Call of Cthulhu Dr. Zugsmith Leaves for Cairo Classic 1920s.

Call of Cthulhu The Legacy of Deacon’s Wood Gaslight.

Call of Cthulhu Slapton Sands Modern Day.

Savage Worlds Mission Arcturus set in the 2300AD scifi universe.

Mythic Russia Party like its 1381! run by the game’s author Mark Galeotti.

Wordplay In search of the King set in First Age Middle Earth.

Monkey The Bag of Wind & Another Journey to the West? a new storytelling game based upon this much loved Chinese Classic.

SimpleQuest Life and Death A player driven fantasy game action using a modified MRQ SRD.

Elric of Melnibone “She dreams of Empires” run by the games author Loz Whitaker.

Call of Cthulhu (Delta Green) Der storch hat das Kind gebracht a game for five players by Gary ‘Evilgaz’ Bowerbank.

Savage Worlds (Pirates of the Spanish Main) The Golden Idol of the Unnamed Isle a game for 5 poxy swabs, by Gary ‘Evilgaz’ Bowerbank.

Qin:The Warring States The end of Zhao The new Martial art game set in Ancient China.

Collective Endeavour (Andy Kenrick), running all weekend various CE games (Cold City, Dead of Night, Contenders, A|State, Covenant etc).

Burning Wheel Enemy at the Burning Gates a game for four players by Newt Newport.

Hawkmoon A Ghost of a Silhouette Adventure in the new Hawkmoon RPG.

Shadows of Yesterday A Very Bad Night in the City Intense player driven fantasy adventure.

HeroQuest We are the Boys... A HeroQuest game set around a certain WW2 based TV comedy.

HeroQuest Dead Reckoning & No Power in the ‘verse. Darran Sims’s Serenity HeroQuest saga continues!


For full descriptions read

Glorious Peoples Game Programme Sept 3rd 2007

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Sceaptune Games will be in attendance at Furnace 2007, running their games of RuneQuest all weekend. :D


For more details go see their schedule on their website.

While you are there check out their adventures/sourcebooks for RuneQuest. :thumbsup:

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A quick post just to say the Furnace 2007 Con Book is now completed.



Welcome to Furnace! By Graham Spearing

About the Venue By Darran Sims

Furnace’s Charity - WaterAid

Top Ten Tips For Convention Players By Evilgaz

Aggar Homeland for Glorantha HeroQuest By David Millians

Tal’Vorn a Game World for D&D By Joshua Binks.

The Shattered Lands a RuneQuest Setting By Newt Newport

When the Snow Lay Round About By Jane Williams

‘Love, Honour & Obey’ a DitV Scenario By Ric Baines

UK Roleplayers - a Brief History By Dave McAlister

Nemesis Madness Meters in Call of Cthulhu By Dom Mooney

Mob Justice Introduction By Iain McAllister

Game Design 101 By Iain McAllister

Kadvalla - A Saintly Order for Mythic Russia By Mark Galeotti

Saturday Timetable

Sunday Timetable

Scheduled Games Tabletop

Collective Endeavour

Furnace Committee

Dragonewts! By Darran Sims


Here is the cover:


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My Furnace photos are now up.


One or two are just a little bit blurry as I did catch some of the action at the tables.

Plus I didn't want to distract or alarm people with the flash going off.



Feel free to comment here or on Flickr.


I'll do a report some time soon and post here [and at every forum I know of! ;) ].

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