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Thoughts on Toby Foster interview

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LMAO... that interview was cracking.

Nice of you to get my cheese question in.


I enjoyed reading that interview more than all the rest, it was truly great.


How do you ask the Q's? via email?


I must say, I will have to either listen to his radio show or go to see him live!


Top Class interview Geoff and Toby!


[EDIT]For those who want to know what Haloumi Cheese is... it's here[/EDIT]

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To read his interview he seems an OK kinda guy, and since I've never met him, I really shouldn't judge, but to listen to him on Radio Sheffield is almost painful. Far too "radio 1" for my liking & like many DJs who may have a brain cell tucked away somewhere, hides it under a welter of "I'm areet, me" and "I 'ate students". :cry:

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Nice interview - and long overdue!


Did you get a body double for your telly advert? Kate Moss - fat moo.


I'd have asked him if he ever receives the keys to the city, where would he unlock to nosey about.

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