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Shortcut links to save your life..and your time.

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Shortcuts are always a bonus when children are involved...follow these for quick and easy access to all life's problems answered (okay, well, some anyway)


Knowing someone in the same stage of conception or pregnancy or who has just been through it can be really useful and endlessly reassuring.

So, we've created threads for trying to conceive and the 3 trimesters for you to use and share and for the parents who already have their little bundles of joy to contribute to.

There’s also a thread for announcing your new arrival and sharing all the links to lovely squidgy pics.


Trying To Conceive

The First Trimester 0-3 months ish

The Second Trimester 3-6 months or thereabouts

The Third Trimester 6-9 months, nearly there now!

Announcements and new arrivals


These abbreviations could be useful to anyone unfamiliar with them: OH Other half, SO significant other, DD - dear/darling daughter, DS - dear/darling son, DH - dear/darling husband.

Then they start getting into the biological ones O - ovulation, LH - lutenizing hormone, 2WW,- two week wait ie from mid cycle to end to see if you're PG - pregnant


Bump, bump, bump. Pregnancy related matters.

Morning/all the time sickness


Pre and post natal health



Post Natal Depression


Hospitals and birth choices

Jessops, maternity hospital from heaven

Jessops, maternity hospital from hell.

Rotherham and other nearby maternity hospitals

Water births

Home birth

Domino birth

Antenatal classes - all flavours


Sleeping problemzzzzzz

Night terrors

The big toddler sleep thread

The big little baby sleep thread


Feeding time at the zoo

Weaning recipes

Easy, quick and cheap family recipes

Weaning and feeding in general

Toddler food - suggestions please


Extended Breastfeeding

Breast feeding groups


Potty Training, nappies, and all other pooh related stuff (not the Eeyore, Tigger, etc. type)

The Potty Training Megathread

Real nappies


Baby and Toddler groups and other ways to stay sane

Toddler groups

Baby groups



Jellytots website

Unofficial Parenting Group Meets link

Services provided and other groups.

Families - events

Families - venues

Recommended venues with visitor ratings


Party time

Party suggestions and venues and soft play centres


Prams and other equipment recommendations



Hints and tips that actually work

Top tips for toddlers

Top tips for new babies

Behaviour tips


The dummy has well and truly left the pram, the contents of the nappy have really hit the fan...it's going to take more than a bottle of wine to cure this. Help me NOW or Jessops is getting their delivery back!!

Screamin baby, frustrated mum


Babysitters and childcare services


Nursery recommendations and queries



It's time to......development stages and challenges

Dummies and weaning off of them

Bathtime problems


Announcements - Pregnancy and Birth

Pregnancy - tell everyone your news here



Support groups

Misscarriage/still birth support group, Sheffield

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