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Eminem - Anger Management Tour


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  • 3 weeks later...

So my day started at 10am while setting off from Sheffield to Milton Keynes Bowl.

Nice to see the friend of mine (Ian) that was due in Sheffield at 9.15am overslept and was now stuck in Doncaster... so off I went to pick him up.


After a lengthy drive down the M1 we finally arrived at the bowl to be greeted with a queue over a mile long (and this is at 12.30).

So off we go... right to the back and get set for an amazing day.

Ian decided to go off in search of a shop for some much needed refreshments in the hot sun and I was left in the queue.


I get a call from my friend Kerry (who we had pre-arranged to meet) asking if I was in the queue and that she would come and join me as she was sat in the car park!

We are chatting for about half an hour and Ian hasn't returned yet so I give him a call:

"Where are ya? The queue is moving down and you've been gone ages".

"I can't find a f****ng shop round here, I'll walk back".

He turns up 20 mins later after a lengthy and unsuccessfull search for a shop. At this point my mouth is tasting like the inside of builders shoe (cos I dont have a drink) so I decide to try my luck and leave Kerry and Ian in the queue.

I return 10 mins later with 2 cans of Fosters, the shop was 2 minutes in the opposite direction to that which Ian had walked off to. He was gutted!


We finally get inside the bowl at about 2.45pm only to find that the first 5000 people inside get special bands enabling them to get to the front enclosure and we've missed out! GUTTED! I try my blagging techniques on the security staff, but I'm thinking they've heard it all before and tell me I've got no chance. Tight fisted gets but they did a good job... can't fault em really!


First act to come on was Xzibit at about 6.15pm (Tim Westwood had been playing some choonz ealier till act 1). He came on stage with a bang and just rocked the whole venue. Heads bobbing, arms waving anf he was obviously lovin it! He gave the crowd the motion to stick their middle fingers in the air if they just didn' give a f***. To which I'd say 90% of the audience did.

He continued bangin out some amazing Hip-Hop tracks till about 7pm. (Ah time for some beer tent refreshements.)


7.15pm see's Cypress Hill take the stage and the place lifts off again. They kick out some new tracks mixed nicely together with some older stuff to and I really started bouncin around when they played 'Insane in the membrain'... oh' the memories came flooding back. I was loving every minute of the show by now and happily swinging my arms, bobbing the head and lifting the middle finger on comand at some of my younger days hero's.

The rocked the bowl through till 8pm during which time they pulled out what looked like a massive joint and started smokin it on stage. I feel that it wasn't a real joint, but still it had the desired effect cos they dedicated one of there tracks to all the weed growers in the world. The boys in blue stood at the back of the venue didn't look too impressed.


Some more choonz played in the background as we wait for Eminem, D12 and Obie Trice to take centre stage (due on at 8.30pm).


8.30pm and no sign of Slim Shady and the crowd start getting restless. A bottle flies through the air (they are made of plastic so it wasn't too bad). Then another, then another, then another!

within seconds missiles are being hurtles all over the place and people are having to look in all directions to make sure we don't get hit. What made it worse was that some funny w**k**s thought it was a good idea to throw bottles full of water/coke thus making em fly very fast and hit very hard when they land!

This carried on for a good 30mins and with 30,000+ people launching bottles through the air, the police didn't feel like getting in the way so they left us to it.


9pm All bottles stop and everyong starts cheering as the curtains go back and we see Eminems feris wheel turning and a guy comes down. Eminem music starts to play. The crowd go wild (including me) and even though we weren't all that close to the stage (thank the lord for the 3 big screens) the excitment was electrifying. Then the feris wheel moves round taking 'that guy' with it and Eminem appears from the top sat in another cart and he tears off a shirt covering his head and everything lifts off! Em' is on stage.

He gives and overwhelming live performance with new and old tracks from his albums. D12 come on stage with him and they bounce off each other musically like true proffessionals with tracks from their album 'Devils Night'.

Obie trice takes his turn on stage too and even an encore performance by Xzibit. The crowd goes wild and then as the music dies down Eminem talks to the crown.

"Now I've been readin in the mother f****** tabloids over here that I've spent $500,000 on some mother f****** jewellery."

"Now y'all know me better den dat, there's no way I would spend no half a million dollars on no mother f****** jewellery".

He takes off a chain and cross from round his neck which looks encrusted with diamonds, platinum and gold and talks to the crowd.

"Now this one right here costs $450,000" Implying that if he bought jewellery he'd pay a lot more than $500,000.

Then he goes on: "And I'm gonna give it to".

At randon he picks a girl at the fron of the enclosure and hands her this chain and cross worth almost half a million dollars (which I think now the value has doubled just by where it came from and in what circumstances).

This girls emotions just kicked in and someone must have tried to snatch it from her because Eminem turned round and said: "Yo, f****** leave that alone it's hers".

The last shot you see of this very lucky girl is her almost throwing up and security all round her! Lucky girl and it definately secured in my mind what a nice guy Eminem actually is.


The music goes on and you can tell it's coming to an end when Em' sings ''Lose Yourself" and the crowd go off. Then "Empty without me", "Superman", and "Sing for the moment". After all the head bobbing, jumping around and arm waving Eminem thanks everyone for coming, thanx Milton Keynes and says good night. The lights go off.

I look round and everyone from the banking start to pile towards the exits. Then one of the group from D12 comes back on stage (after some 'we want more' shouting from the crowd) and says that Eminem has left the building. Boo's come from the crowd.

Then he says "Can y'all be real quiet for me". After a minute the crowd pipes down. He goes on to beckon cheers from the crowd for all the artists that have performed on stage tonight.

As the cheer goes up for Eminem he pops back on stage and another roar goes up and we get an encore performace from the main man in Hip-Hop and, what a night.

As he finishes off, and says that he's really going now, the crowd cheers one more time and the show ends.

What a f****** top performance everyone gave (especially Eminem), I cannot believe how good it actually was.

Definately THE BEST concert I have every been to... EVER!


I'll post some pics online over the next day or so!

Hope you all haven't got eye strain from readin all that!:lol: :lol: :lol:


PS I finally got in my house at 1.52am this morning!

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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 3 months later...

My report on the anger management tour!My dad and I woke up at 7 o’clock in the morning to go and see the eminem concert on 21st June in Milton Keynes. We set off from Rochdale at 7.30 in the morning because I desperately wanted to be at the front. I am a massive eminem fan and i had the feeling that this was going to be my lucky day. So as we set off we played eminem albums all the way there. We had no problem finding the arena and we arrived there at 10 o’clock. We found a little queue about 50 metres long so we jumped in the queue quite near the front (as we pushed in lol). I was wearing an eminem T shirt, jeans and an eminem flag around me. It was a boiling hot day and we had no more than 2 foot to step back or forward into. My dad and i were desperate for the toilet and haha very funny there was only 2 toilets and yes they were disgusting and had no toilet role. So my dad went first and I must have waited for him for 30 minutes then he came back. So I went which took another half hour then i arrived back in the queue. So we are at about 11 o’clock in this queue now. We had already drank all our drinks and it was too hot to eat. So my dad told me to go and buy some water and get a programme at the same time. So i did and there actually wasn’t a big queue so i was only gone for about 10 minutes. By the time i had got back everyone was sat in the queue boiling to death. We were quite entertained by these cockneys who were sat in front of us who used f***ing 5 times in each sentence and we could hear eminem practicing which was cool. So we waited and waited and time passed by a lot quicker than i thought and at 1.30 we became real crushed as people wanted to get through first. I was literally lifted off my feet, and we got inside the arena at 2 o’clock. When we got into the arena we were at the front but not in v.i.p and i was feeling quite ill and tired so my dad got us into v.i.p which was real cool, then me and my dad saw a little girls face peek through a hole in the curtain which looked like hailie-jade but we weren't sure. We then waited till 3 o’clock until Tim Westwood played some tunes which were cool. We waited for about 3 hours for a real act then and yes there was a hugh bottle fight which wasn't too fun when you got coke thrown at you but i got over it. Then I recall Cyprus hill coming on at about 6.15 but the sound system wouldn’t work properley which was a bummer. Then xzibit came on about 7.30 and he was cool. I have some great pics of Xzibit n Cyprus hill. Then finally at about 9 o’clock the one and only genius took to the stage on his ferris wheel to open the act with square dance which i thought was strange as I thought he would open the act with "bitches and gentlemen its show time.....",but never mind. It was all cool. I was really enjoying myself as i was touching the stage at the front in VIP then eminem sang a song which was very special to me because it was off Marshall Mathers LP and I rate that album very much. It was called drug ballad, and as he was singing it he came towards me and shuck my hand, and stared at me for a few seconds and then winked at me. It was all so strange but exciting at the same time I couldn’t believe my luck my dream had come true. I burst into tears and my dad just comforted me and told me to calm down and eventually i calmed down but noooo the guy had to do it again by throwing his T shirt out and i caught it and put it on. I was nearly sick I really thought I was dreaming. I also shuck 50 cents hand and nearly took off his diamond ring arrrgghh! As the concert was about to end he finished of by singing my dads gone crazy which was quite cool seen as though it was mine and my dad’s day out. It was the best day of my life and nothing could replace it. We got to our car after about 30 minutes after it had finished and arrived at home at about 3.30 in the morning.

report by Stephanie Bradburn age 14

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