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A number of our members are active providers of pet services, so I thought a thread to gather them all together would be a good idea :)


Please provide your company name, phone number, e-mail address and contact name, and a website if you have one


Please don't add recommendations here, this thread is to be kept as a reference point, so any chat will be pruned out, and I'll re-format the posts as they are added so it's easy to spot the services offered :)



Where are all our retailers, walkers, boarders, breeders, vets and rescuers? :wave:

(did I miss anybody?)


Forumers should remember that anybody can join this forum, and although permission is given for advertisements for forumers' businesses to run within threads, or as signatures, Sheffield Forum has not vetted or approved any of the services or wares offered, and does not endorse or recommend any particular goods or services advertised within this forum


Any contract or transaction entered into with another forumer - whether personally or via a registered business - is solely at the forumer's risk.


Please bear in mind when searching for previous posts to build up a profile of a forumer you may feel you wish to procure goods or services from, that any postings breaking forum rules will have been removed, and will no longer be viewable




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Threads merged by somebody else


As we were carrying far too many sticky threads, and all of them were important reference threads, we've gathered them together so they're reduced to clicky links for your convenience, which can be found here :thumbsup:


If anybody thinks we've missed an old thread that should be easily accessible for reference material, PM Lotti or LindseyW, and they'll have a look at adding it :)

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  • Dave or Tina on 0114 2550 308
  • Mobile 07990 90 3773.
  • Email:
  • info@waggytails-site.co.uk
  • If you want you can always pm us here too!!


Offering daily dog walking and let outs while you are away for the day or at work. We currently have space available in Woodseats, Millhouses, Nether edge and the Ecclesall area.

We offer peace of mind and specialised care for your special friend, with high standard, reliable care.

We can care for sick pets in your own home, and treat according to vets instructions. We offer tender loving care and understanding .

waggytails boarding has now moved to new premises in Netheredge and is now up and running again!

Part of the Waggytails service is furry and fuzzy small pets boarding facilities for hamsters, rabbits, guineapigs, and more. We offer a bonding service for rabbits/guineapigs along side nail clipping, we also offer advice re care of animals. We have large, clean hutches, outdoor and indoor runs daily, fresh water, food and vegetables daily, with 24hours care cover and vets cover 24/7 within 5 minutes reach.


We have a heated indoor winter area, air conditioned in hot weather and daily handling and grooming.


Waggy tails also offers Purr-fect solutions for your cat while you are away, loving care in your cats own surroundings, less stressful for your cat.

we can provide checkable references/CRB enhanced checks and we are fully insured for all work under taken, Qualified in small animal management and pet firstaid.

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adding infonew info

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feel free to check out the website and our customer feed-back in the guest book



Offering every aspect of care and exercise for your pets. inc:

  • Dog walking
  • Pet Feeding / Day Care
  • Pet Boarding inc dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs and more!
  • Pet Escort


All staff are police checked & all staff and services we provide are fully insured


So thru this winter season pet-walkiz are offering special half hour services..... be it medication visits, or walks locally .

We have introduced this into our normal services but found this suits older animals who arent able to take part in longer walks or who cant tolerate the colder /damp weather.This also suits night workers or shift workers who just need their pet checking on or letting/taking out for a short while . As well as the usual cuddles and affection your pet will recieve you can be guaranteed your pet will be ready for your return all tucked up nice,warm and content.

phone us any time for further details...07756515009


Also just to let you rabbit, guinea pig and all furry owners know, that we have have a winter "Furries Boarding Lodge"" which is soley for bad/cold/winter boarding. Air conditioned, heated and dry. specially built & situated for the purpose. All hutches cleaned & disinfected daily with "Defra"approved solutions.

All rabbits must be vaccinated against Myxomatosis . When booking check with us about VHD.

Insured,knowledgable and reliable clean boarding . Past & present client references available.


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Happy Hoppers Rabbit Advice


Contact Suzanne by:


Able and willing to help anyone who has a problem with a rabbit, domestic or otherwise and offer general advice on all aspects of rabbit care, health and behaviour. I am an experienced bonder and offer a bonding service for a small fee. I am able to advise on locating lost rabbits and offer assistance to people who have found rabbits.


I have previously run a rabbit rescue and now foster and bond on behalf of Barnsley Animal Rescue Center (BARC).


BARC always have rabbits available for adoption who desperatley need new homes. If you are looking for a rabbit please try them first. They have bonded pairs and singles and offer a bonding service to bond one of their single rabbits into a pair with your own rabbit. They do homecheck where possible or take up references and all rabbits are neutered and wormed. They ask for a small adoption fee to help them continue with their work (£25 per rabbit).


To see rabbits available for re-homing click below:



Or Contact Angie on 01226 741002 or email angela.bell3@tesco.net



*Neither myself nor BARC are a substitute for veterinary attention. If you suspect your Rabbit is seriously ill please contact your vet first. If you are not registered with a vet I can put you in touch with one in your area.

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Sheffield Cats Shelter


Sheffield Cats Shelter is a local charity which exists both to look after and find new homes for cats in need, and also to provide an educational resource to the cat owning public.


Based in Broomhall, we find homes for about 400 cats and kittens a year.


All cats leaving our care are fully vaccinated against cat flu, enteritis and Feline Leukaemia Virus, neutered or spayed (unless they are too young to have this done in our care, in which case they will leave with a voucher for our vets to do this when the kitten reaches 6 months) and microchipped.


The current adoption fee is £65 per cat or kitten


For adoptions our Shelter is open every afternoon between 1.30 and 3.30 pm (including weekends and bank holidays, except for our Christmas embargo period).


As a charity, we're also dependent on the kindness of the public for funding to meet our running costs and the yearly vet bill (which we anticipate will be over £80,000 this year), so we'd also love to hear from you if you feel able to help the Shelter with a donation of either money or time



Sheffield Cats Shelter

1 Travis Place



S10 2DB


0114 272 4441

Link to the Shelter website

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Guinea pig rehome and advice


I take in unwanted guinea pigs from time to time.

I can give help and advice on most aspects of caring for guinea pigs


feel free to email me anytime 1st.class.mum AT gmail.com

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Pet Grooming and Microchipping


Fully trained and insured.


Microchipping only £15.00 per pet


20a Lidgett Lane


Sheffield S25 2QD


contact - via PM

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Akita rescue


Save a life and adopt an Akita.


We have many needing new homes, some have been badly treated others have change of circumstance, but they all need forever homes. The news is at the moment that Akitas are bad dogs and agressive, this label only applies to a few dogs who have been mistreated. In the right hands these dogs are intellegent and loving.


We have male and females of all ages and we have American Akitas, Japanese Akitas and Tweenies.


If you could foster a dog till a home is available then please let us know, we have no kennel space so fosterers are badly needed. (you will be paid back everything you spend)




Or call Claire on 01142372054


NB: These dogs are not for breeding or guarding. Pet homes only!

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We create unique hand made dog coats and jumpers for your faithful friend. 100% of proceeds are donated to dog rescue charities. For 2007 we are supporting The Dogs Trust and The Oldies Club (see http://www.oldies.org.uk).


Cheers, Carrie


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If anybody has anything reptillian that needs re homing or rescuing

feel free to call me on


or email me on

If during 9-5 Please leave a message.


They reason I'm keeping it to reptiles as they are the animals I have researched and have spare ammenities for, plus there are more people willing to accept the warm blooded variety


Another email address to contact me is geo6779@aol.com.

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beautiful and affordable accessories with all profit to greyhound gap.


Greyhound Gap takes in and re-homes death row Greyhounds and Lurchers who find themselves in a PTS situation in UK pounds. http://www.greyhoundgap.com


Whilst in our care, all dogs are placed in foster situations which allows us to build up our own history on the dogs. This allows us to match each dog and each new potential adopter making for an easier and stress free homing.


All dogs that come into our care are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, de-flead and wormed before re-homing as well as receiving a full vet check and any other necessary treatment. As you can appreciate this costs us a great deal. We are totally self funded and use thes fundraisers as a way of raising the money we need to care for the hounds we have in our care.

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