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Norfolk Park & Herdings tower blocks

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Hello :D


My name is Jonathan Smith - I'm an editor for a website called http://www.skyscrapers.com... we compile information on high-rise buildings (i.e. anything over 12 storeys) around the world.


I've been researching Sheffield's tower blocks, from the central library etc., but there are a few bits of info that I need and can't find, so I was wondering if anyone on here could help me.


I'm trying to find out the addresses of the now-demolished Norfolk Park tower blocks; Bankside, Beechview, Cliffe, East Bank, Fitzalan, Granville, Guildford, Howard, Jervis, Mandrake, Shrewsbury, Spring & Talbot.


I know the addresses of Grange & Mickley, the two still standing (for now!), and I know which streets had tower blocks on them... but I can't match up tower block names to those addresses!


So if anyone knows or can remember the addresses of any of the tower blocks (i.e. Grange is 1-251 Tower Drive, Mickley is 1-251 Beldon Road), I'd be extremely grateful if they could post them on here, or e-mail them to me, so that I can complete skyscrapers.com's Sheffield section (which contains ~80 high-rise buildings).


The other problem I'm having is finding the original names of the 3 tower blocks at Raeburn Place, Herdings. 1 was demolished and 2 were refurbished and renamed Queen Anne & Queen Elizabeth Court, but does anybody know what they were called originally, or what their exact addresses were?


Finally, if anybody has any photos of any of Sheffield's now-demolished tower blocks, especially those at Norfolk Park, I'd love to upload them to our site.


Otherwise, please pay our Sheffield section a visit, here:




A list of Sheffield's tallest buildings can be found here:



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The piccys I have are of top of Kenninghall Rd, not sure of names they were demolished about 2/3 years ago ( 2 blocks that were behind the Earl Marshall Pub, East bank Rd)

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Bankside=Guildford Close

Beechview=Guildford Drive


East Bank=Park Grange Mount

Fitzalan=Guildford View

Granville=Guildford Avenue

Guildford=Guildford Avenue

Howard=Guildford Drive

Jervis=Park Grange Drive

Mondrake=Samuel Road


Spring=Park Grange Mount



PS including the two still standing, you are missing one - there were 16??



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