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Recommend a pushchair/ pram/ buggy

which make do you like the best  

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  1. 1. which make do you like the best

    • quinny
    • silver cross
    • bugaboo
    • Graco
    • mothercare
    • mamas and papas
    • Maclaren
    • others

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I love my bugaboo it was one of our best buys and is in perfect condition despite all the use, they have a good resale value so overall not as expensive as you might think. It also has a 2 year warrenty which is brilliant.

My last pram was a mamas and papas p3 and it was rubbish, we had the travel system and every thing about it was bad. we only got a years use out of it before it had to be chucked away. That was a costly mistake. When my oldest was 2 months old the wheel broke and although we had only been using it for 2 months they wouldn't fix it as we had bought it 5 months before baby was born and therefore was out of its warranty we ended up paying an extra £25 quid to have it fixed. Terrible customer service at mamas and papas too.


ollie kitten from experience i wouldn't buy a pram where the baby couldn't face you to. I know the car seat faces you but i did some research before i bought my latest pram and new babies shouldn't be in the car seats for more than 2 hours its bad for there backs and apparently reduces there lung capacity. Thats why more and more car seats are made so the baby is nearly lying flat. I would really recommend a pram where the baby can lie flat and be facing you, they are happier when they can see you reducing the amount of time you end up carrying them whilst pushing a pram.

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It's a few years since I had my youngest, but my sisters have babies. Personally I would buy a silver cross as a main pram & a maclaren stroller as a 2nd pram. I had many prams, including Graco, Mama's & papas etc, but none seemed really robust to me, and rather bulky too. I can't comment on quinny, as we have never had one in the family, altough babies seem to look uncomfortable in the zapp whilst asleep.

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ive just got a new silver cross ,coast ,travel system from mothercare .now ive got it at home it doesn't seem to look like it did in the shop :huh:.

oh well ill have to get used to it now and ill have to wait 2 weeks to see how it drives outside:D


Have you got the 3D?


I love mine.


I must admit though as a baby, i hardly used the car seat on the pram - firstly, i hate to see babies in the car seats on prams

and secondly, if you have the baby in the carrycot on the pram, you have to take this off and change the hood around to change it to travel system!


Now my little one is 10 mths, we love it - he looks great, comfy and higher up than others.


If i could turn back time, i wouldnt have bothered with the matching car seat and would have bought the britax first si, which can be rear facing from birth, then turn around till about 4 years!


Silver cross are great too, I broke the zip on the hood. I will admit i was a little heavy handed. Took back to the shop and cos it was last years design, they replaced the entire pram, carseat, bag, footmuff - everything to the new 2008 design!

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I had the Silver Cross 3D. I thought it was great whilst my baby was little. Once he was about 6 months though we bought a Maclaren Quest. It's just so much easier to manouvre, fit in the car etc. But as far as larger prams go , I was pleased with my 3D pram. We didn't have the car seat as it wouldn't fit in our car. Also its only a 0 car seat not 0+ so it can only be used to 10kg not 13kg like most of the others.

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Hi all,


We fell in love with the Silver Cross Freeway on Linear chassis. It would have cost over 400 pounds had we bought it brand new in the shops but we also went on ebay and won one for 176 quid. It was second hand but had hardly been used, was clean etc and came with all of the accessories we could ever want.


We have found it a really sturdy travel system, the good points are that it is all lined with soft fluffy material which keeps bubs warm, the car seat bit goes onto the frame and does not sit inside the pram section (no mucky marks on the fabric after the car seat has been on the floor) and the height adjustable handle is perfect for a 4"10' mum and a 6"5' dad.


Bad points, a little bit on the big side, it takes up the whole of the boot of our estate car and is no use if you are travelling on a bus which does not have a low floor.


In general though we are really impressed and will save this for our next one (if I give in to my husband and agree to have another one !)

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I use a mixture of systems... I have a Mamas and Papas Pliko with SIP car seat which I've had since DD (4 years) - it's done brilliantly.. I updated the car seat before DS as I wanted the side impact one..


I use a Phil and Teds as a double... amazing... can't credit it it enough - tried various side by side and tandem models including Graco one, Jane and McClaren.. nothing compares!!


Day to day DD walks now so I use my little McClaren.. I did have a Mothercare Jive but wheels wore down really quickly thought it bad value for money :-(

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It depends if you do a lot of walking or are going to be folding it up a lot to go in the car on the bus etc. For a fold up one I loved my mclaren techno xt. It folded up really small and was easily collapsed. It had a shopping bit, detachable hood and pockets and went from sitting to lying down position really easily if little one drops off. It had quite big robust swivel wheels and is light so very easy to steer, and not too pricey like some of them. If you do a lot of walking to shops etc it's good to have one with a big solid shopping basket underneath- little one sits in their big throne all cosily but they are big for putting in car or on bus lots. Big inflatable tyres are good for rough ground and 3 wheelers with a front swivel wheel are easy to steer

I've got a double and had a tandem with small wheel which killed my back then got a phil n teds which is great. Personally I probably wouldn't use a phil n teds for 1 because of the price, even second hand like mine, but for 2 it's great.

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Hi, I'm a bit of a pramaholic although now DS is coming up to 2, I've settled down and now only have one pushchair. Some of the ones I've had (can't remember them all!) include:


Bebe Confort Loola - bought this when DS was 2 moths old as I wanted a rear facing pram, it was great for that. Didn't get the carry cot as he was fine with it laid as flat as it would go. I liked the way the bag hung on the handles and I found it a really sturdy pram, plus it was easy to fold and fitted easily into the boot of my Clio. It was a little heavy, especially as DS grew, but it was the one I kept longest and I only sold it a couple of months back. I kind of miss it - when I see one I can't help but look longingly at it!


M&P Aria - cheap, flimsy and not very sturdy, plus I didn't like the harness at it wasn't fixed at the shoulders so DS used to lean forwards a lot in this and it didn't feel very safe. Nasty.


Quinny Buzz - used it twice then sold it. Absolutely hated it, not only were DS's feet right at the bottom of the footmuff but it was unsteady to the point that it nearly tipped over on a hill on it's second outing, which scared the poo out of me and I immediately put it back onto Ebay (and sold it for a profit!). It put me off 3 wheelers for life.


Maclaren Techno XT - great strollers, I got mine off a friend 2nd hand and my parents have it now for when they have DS so it's still going strong and it's about 4 years old!


Maclaren XLR - this is what I have now. It takes kids up to 65lbs so I'll be keeping it until DS doesn't need a pram anymore (sob!). It's lightweight, roomy and comes with a gorgeous, warm footmuff and raincover, so you don't need to buy any extras. Plus the colours are nice.


I hear Bugaboos are great but you have to take the pushchair seat off the chassis to put it in the car, which would right royally annoy me - that's why I've never bothered trying one. I refuse to spend £500 only to have to take the thing apart to put it in the car! Hauck Infinity are supposed to be really good and similar to Bugs, but they are much cheaper and they fold as one unit. I also love ICandy Cherry and Apple and if I ever have another baby I think I'd go for an ICandy or Infinity.


HTH and let us know what you decide on.




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A Bebe Confort Loola.


A Chicco CT 0.4?


Or any other suggestions? I had a mothercare Aulto (Fell out with it) And ive had a graco mosaic (Which ive fell out with and cant sell that on!)




Got to be suitable from birth, and for a boy :hihi:



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