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James Dixon and Sons - Info wanted.

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I have what appears to be a James Dixon & Sons silver &/or EP footed, floor model potpourri container.

It has 7 stamps inside; first one is BP, last one is a trumpet. under it is what I think is pattern # 5221.

Other markings Patent # 11,350 (small # 85).

Also R & No 108017

It about 12 inches high, stands on 4 feet, rounded bothsides open to divided container....

I would love to more about this item.

Thank you, Cind

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I did make a contribution way back on page 3. I have a bit of an obsession with James Dixon and Sons as six generations of my family worked for them. I wrote a couple of books about the firm, one of which is on Amazon. The other I published privately and I allowed John Bank to put the whole of both books on his website...http://www.pewterbank.com. The second book 'A rare and special collection' includes a table of trademarks used at particular times in the firms history. It might help people with dating pieces. The firm was known mostly as silversmiths but it did produce vast quantities of the finest pewter ware and also was renowned for it sporting accessories such as flasks (hip and powder) and other items. If you go to John's site and click on Dixons of Sheffield the two books are at the top of the page and can be clicked on to open in PDFs format.

I am keen to preserve the memory of these old Sheffield firms and honour the skills of their fantastic craftsman. By the way when Daniel Willett the Sheffield golfer won the US masters in 2016 he was in a sense bringing the trophy home though it never now leaves the club. It was made by James Dixons in the late 1950s.

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