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Ecclesfield Grammar School

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Cannot recall class numbers but attended 64 to 69 starting off in the village before moving up to the 'Big School'!!

Classmates - Roy Ashurst, Anthony Wootton, Bob Monkhouse, John Newby, Barry Mickelthwaite - always in trouble with our favourite Dep Head 'Oggie Jennett' who had no problems with confis.cating our cigs.

Happy days even if I did waste a good education.

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On 07/03/2019 at 16:19, Paul Iverson said:

Anybody old enough to remember the McEwen family, John, Catherine and Libbie, or the Iverson family, Angela, Pat and Veronica who all went to EGS before 1960?

Brought back many memories. 


I used to live next door to John, Catherine and Libbie McEwen, no longer sadly with us, and Angela Iverson was a friend of my sisters and would often come to stay with us. John went on the marry Veronica (no longer with us).


Whilst at Ecclesfield Grammar School I was a Cub Master and begun running dances to live bands in Grenoside Scout Hut in 1957 and went on to manage Peter York and the Pontiacs, Dean Marshall and the Deputies, singers Johnny Burns, Ronnie Coy, Terry Stuart and Terry Slade (real name Terry Alcock), together with pianist Parkin Loy and conjuror David Dixon. Sadly I turned down the opportunity to manage Vance Arnold and the Avengers (Jo Cocker). Until 1964 I regularly promoted pop concert / dances at the Newton Hall, Chapeltown; Gatty Hall, Ecclesfield; Clifton Hall , Rotherham and booked acts from Cleethorpes Pier, in the East, to the Floral Hall in Morecombe, in the West, and from Leeds to Newark and regularly in the City Hall and Cutlers Hall in Sheffield. Happy days!!


My main career was in social work and Local Government and was Director of Social Services for South Glamorgan County Council.


More recently I had an association with The Zimmers and have been presenting a weekly radio programme for the last twelve years.



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On ‎19‎/‎08‎/‎2019 at 09:07, Keith Harrison said:

Hi there.   I started at EGS in 1963.  I was in 1N with Mr Moss as Form Tutor.  I never settled at the school because I suffered from anxiety and was always afraid of missing the coach home (some five miles to Loxley) and being stuck in Ecclesfield - no cars in my family in those days.  I had a lot of time off because of the anxiety and got behind in most subjects; I finished up leaving in 1968 with two GCEs and worked in the steel industry for 20 odd years.   In 1989 I went to college and did A levels then onto Uni in Sheffield to do an English degree because, strangely enough, I had a burning desire to teach!  I was sent to Ecclesfield School on my first Teaching Practise in 1994 and it was a really strange experience to be back there (the tiles on the walls in the corridors were still the same though).  I asked  about teachers I remembered whilst i was there, but they were long gone, apart from Tom Smith who taught me for Spanish, who had retired the year before.  I never really saw anyone I went to school with after I left, and I suspect that most of my peers would remember me as being an immature dick!  I retired from teaching two years ago, having had a wonderful 23 years working with students and helping them develop both socially and academically;  I miss the job so much however, that I still do one to one tuition.  I remember lots of names from my year - Tom Middleton, Andrew Hemingway, Michael Owens, Rob Fisher, Tom Henderson and girls I was fond of like Alison Tissington and Angelyn Dawkins.  I would like to hear from anyone who remembers anything about those years at EGS.

All the best.

Keith Harrison

Hi Keith


I'm sorry I don't remember you. I also started EGS in 1963. I do remember a George Harrison who must have been in your class as we were streamed alphabetically in the first year. Andrew Hemingway, Bill Middleton and I were neighbours so I knew them very well. I was in 1R in the first year with Mrs Cooper as form teacher who also taught history.  I also remember Alison Tissington who I think fancied Peter Hannah.  I fancied Lynne Stewart.


I was very happy at EGS and thought it was a really good school with some excellent teachers: To name a few Mrs Scurrah  (Maths) Mr Birkby (Geography & Deputy Head) Mr Cornwall (History) Mrs Craven (Spanish) all the boys fancied her.  Discipline was firm but fair, I never was caned but came close when we were playing cricket in the quadrangle outside the library and one of us broke a window with the ball. We had to go and see Mr Jennett and I thought for sure we would get the cane but we just lost our merit half that term (I guess Jennett must have been a cricket fan).


I also remember lots of names - Ian (Brookie) Brookes, Stephen (Chilly) Childs, Paul (Nick) Nicholson, Tim Palmer, Graham (Fraud) Ward, Martin (Wilf) Wilson, David Wood, John Tate, Terry Wroe and many others. I also remember Peter Unwin from year one who also gave me my nickname 'Frebber' which was shortened to Freb.


 I would also  like to hear from anyone who remembers anything about the school.







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Hi Steve. Great to hear your thoughts on those years.  I do remember almost all those names you mention  but strangely, I didn’t know you.  George Harrison was in my form but we didn’t get on for some reason.  I think I was weak and easily manipulated by guys like Phil Round and Steve Richardson and consequently didn’t make the most of my education, though I didn’t get into any real trouble.  
I had Miss Craven for Spanish and I remember why all the lads fancied her!  I also fell foul of Jennett a couple of times but I guess he was just doing his job - teaching (and students) were very different in those days. I remember the name Linda Evans but I can’t picture her.  Anyway, take care of yourself and let’s hope for some other students from that time will join in with the chat.

All the best 


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