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Police hunt suspect after wife and two daughters of BBC commentator killed

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The three women killed in a crossbow attack in Bushey, near Watford, are Carol Hunt, the wife of BBC Racing radio commentator John Hunt, and two of their daughters


The victims are aged 25, 28 and 61, police say

Officers were called to Ashlyn Close in Bushey, Hertfordshire, just before 19:00 on Tuesday


Police are continuing their manhunt for suspect Kyle Clifford, 26, and have appealed directly for him to make contact

They believe the attack was targeted and carried out with a crossbow, as well as possibly other weapons

Racing broadcasters offer their condolences

published at 15:14


People have been offering their condolences to John Hunt following the news his wife, Carol Hunt, and two of their daughters have been killed.


Racing broadcaster Matt Chapman posted on X, external that it's "impossible to comprehend the pain".


"Just know we are all here for you John. We love you pal - racing loves you," he says.


Commentator Mike Vince says on X, external that his "heart bleeds" for Mr Hunt, adding that the incident is "simply shattering".

Sky Sports Racing said its team was "deeply saddened" by the "tragic deaths".


"Our thoughts are with our colleague John Hunt, his family and friends at this awful time," it posted on X.




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48 minutes ago, horribleblob said:

So many women murdered by jealous, possessive, and controlling men with ideas of entitlement bound up in masculinity.

Absolutely,  put very well.

I remember when girls and young women would come into work saying either 'he's chucked me' or 'I chucked him' - it was commonplace

Again it's about choice and women's rights.




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1 hour ago, cressida said:

I googled  John Hunt,  it said he was born in 1910  which would make him 114,  is there another John Hunt?

Yes it's the racecourse commentator, as per all the news articles 🙄

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