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Met police accused of failing to address toxic culture in firearms unit

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The Metropolitan police has been accused of failing to deal with the “toxic culture” inside its firearms unit after the number of internal misconduct investigations rose to its highest level since 2018.


A wide-ranging investigation by Baroness Louise Casey last year found that the Met was institutionally racist, homophobic and misogynistic. Casey singled out its Specialist Firearms Command unit – also known as MO19 – accusing it of having a “deeply troubling, toxic culture” where “normal rules do not seem to apply” and staff were “well-connected to senior officers in the Met”.


But the Observer has found that in the year since the report was published, the number of internal “conduct matter” allegations against its officers has increased to 56. It took formal action against just four. One officer was dismissed, another had a written warning and two were awaiting final outcomes.


The findings have led to accusations from campaigners that promises to deal with the concerns outlined by Casey “have at best stalled, and possibly regressed”.


“Conduct matter” cases are those where officers are subject to internal investigations as a result of misconduct or criminality identified by their own force. They can often relate to criminal offences and lead to more dismissals and more serious formal action than cases related to public complaints.


Since 2018, the unit has been subject to 232 “conduct matter” allegations, as well as 1,874 public complaint allegations, almost equivalent to one for each of the 2,339 officers employed by the unit. Of those cases, 61 – or 2.8% – led to formal action being taken against the officer in question, including seven dismissals and one case where the officer would have been dismissed.




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I'd go as far as to say its all the Met, not just firearms unit - 2023:

Met police found to be institutionally racist, misogynistic and homophobic



Words fail me.....


‘I would happily rape you’: Shocking accounts of Met Police’s misogyny, racism and homophobia revealed


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