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Becoming A Dad, The Most Meaningful Thing That I've Ever Done. Parent Or Not, Share Your Thoughts.

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12 minutes ago, hackey lad said:

Two lucky lasses there . Lucky that they get their good looks from their Mam . :thumbsup:

Don't let looks fool you Hackey.

There's a lot of evilness lurking behind the smiles...


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32 minutes ago, Padders said:

I've had enough of them!!!

Been for my Fathers day dinner, my favorite Stew and Dumplings..

What do I get, severely reprimanded, They've been reading this thread.

I've spent 4 hours on the naughty step, with a slice of bread and jam.

That's it now, the final straw, I'm getting rid..


FREE TO ANY HOME.. (I'm prepared to make a payment) 

I want shut of them, too expensive, and obnoxious.

Open photo

I’m not surprised they got arsey if you named them Stew and Dumplings!

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On 14/06/2024 at 20:00, Slighty batty said:

My granddaughters primary school sent out a message last week to say the kids wouldn't be making any Father's Day cards this year. They said so many kids didn't have a dad in their lives, and they didn't want anyone to feel left out.  So all you lovely dads out there who are doing a fantastic job of it, put your right hand on your left shoulder, give yourselves a good pat and say WELL DONE LAD! 

I'd like to think that the kids without a Dad in their life could have made a card instead to an Auntie or any 'significant other' rather than depriving other kids of making a Father's day card. 

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