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morrisons to close all petrol stations

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I find the food there perfectly fine, but what always gets me is whatever Morrisons you walk into, the layout is for some reason always different.


It's just annoying, pick a format will you?

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On 12/06/2024 at 01:41, ECCOnoob said:


If you haven't got the technical capabilities of putting your card in slot and pushing a couple of buttons, you shouldn't be operating a car.


Good grief.  Pay at pump is barely more than a glorified card machine, not a nuclear control centre. 

Please tell me where the slot to place a card is in my car.

Oh, and it doesn’t have buttons as far as I’m aware.

And what is this card you are talking about?

I don’t do credit…cash always.


As for operating a car….

It took me a week after my 17th birthday to pass my driving test.

Not my fault….they couldn’t get me an earlier date.


Looking forwards to your usual  sarcastic remark.

Once a troll, always a troll…eh?








Oh ****…just realised  I’m wasting my time talking to a troll.

Should have read your earlier posts.



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Self serve pumps that accept cash are common in other countries, no reason why they couldn't be rolled out here.


Other than the company running the pumps can't be bothered to have someone empty the machine.

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