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2 for the Euros - 2024 version

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56 minutes ago, Thirsty Relic said:

Accepted - WHU players didn't do bad in '66, did they!


Hope you enjoy the competition with us!


cheers should be a good , it could be Crystal Palace players  that do it for us this time.

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On 09/06/2024 at 19:37, Thirsty Relic said:


You may have noticed that there is a football comepetion between nations starting on the 14th of this month - the European Championsips (or Euro';s for short).  I am holding a fun competition to add a bit of fun to it (I did the same last Euro's), and you are welcome to join in.


Most of us (I know there are some ex-pats living in other competing countries) will be wishing England on, but my take is to pick 2 of the other nations to "follow".   That will give me an interest in other matches, and a conversation/banter with others (as it did last year), on this thread, and in the world famous Padders Bar.


How do you play along?  Simply pick your 2 to follow and name them on this thread.


To start it off, my 2 are:    Portugal and  Slovenia



I'll join in too.


Italy & Croatia 

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1 hour ago, Thirsty Relic said:

Welcome - only a few hours to go now.....

Can I just remind everyone.

All competitors will receive 1 free pint when attending televised England games in "Padders Bar"

Please arrive early, limited spaces on the Bar Kop.

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Congrats to Baron99 and ukdobby on victories in their first Germany match.  Plenty of incidents, goals, VAR, penalty appeals and a sending off.  What a start to the competition!


Today, Al Bundy's selection Hungary take on the Switzerland team at 2pm, Baz1's Croatia take on Spain at 5pm, before all the Italy backers (Baz1, Padders and ukdobby) will be keeping an eye on thei match with Albania at 8pm.


Enjoy people!

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