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D Day - 80th anniversay

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On our honeymoon in early Jume 1987  we caught the overnight ferry from Portsmouth to Caen, We sat in the lounge bar and were joined by a group of paras who had been part of the capture of Pegasus Bridge, Their main memories  of the campaign were the friendship and hospitality of the liberated French - the reason many came back year on year was as well as commemerating fallen comrades was to meet up and have a meal and a glass of wine or two with French families who remembered them. They were lovely blokes, no self glorification, just done their duty and glad to be personally remembered by folk  they'd help liberate.

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Imagine being an arachnophobe and walking face-first into a spider's web across the doorway.

Imagine being a claustrophobe and being locked in a wardrobe overnight.

Imagine suffering from acrophobia and being taken to the top of the Eiffel Tower


Now, imagine having all these phobias and being locked in a wardrobe full of spiders at the top of the Eiffel Tower.

On 6th June 1944, the fear of death that these lads faced would have made being in that wardrobe seem like a minor inconvenience.

Yet still, with friends falling right and left, they advanced into what could only be described as 'hell'.


We now see the few survivors, proud but humble, recounting how, as an 18/19 year-old lad, they along with their fallen mates "Did what we had to do. No more, no less"


Sirs, we thank and salute you all. 

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I went to Normandy last week, what an experience !

Visited all the assault beaches and my thoughts were of my cousin Jack 80 years ago as he managed to reach Sword Beach after being blown into the sea. 

Visited cemeteries, museums and some of the villages that were fought over in those first few days.

Went to Pegasus Bridge and was amazed at the story of the first glider landing close by at just after midnight.

The sight of those 4500 white crosses in the American Cemetery close to Omaha Beach brought tears to my eyes.

What a waste of young life and in one of the cemeteries visited, lay a 16 year old lad.

Really pleased to have seen the inscription on the monument at Bayeux relating to my Dad's pal.

Frederick Auty, Private, 11408291, Died 13th June 1944 age 41, Parachute Regiment !

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