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Julean Moxon/Julie Moxon

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41 minutes ago, Lofty66 said:

Thanks for your replies. Much appreciated. Are there any old photos of this area that you may know of?

Hi Lofty.  You might find what your'e looking for on Sheffield History website. I've just had a look and there's loads of info, maps and photos etc on Hillsborough.

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Julie Moxon lived on Holme Lane the house front was a sweet shop which her and her sister help run,she won a few beauty competitions including Miss Sheffield Speedway the term actress should be used loosley she died in a car accident.

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I do remember Julie Moxon from the early seventies. I think at one time she worked at the Fiesta along with a friend a very pretty blond girl, her name I don't recall.

The two of them often frequented Tiffanys.

Some time after this she became a Model for Fiesta magazine.

She was moving into the Film industry , so I believe.

Unfortunately she was involved in a car accident in a Mercedes sports car and was killed, so very sad. 

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