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Wyming Brook Nature Reserve Reopens

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Wyming Brook nature reserve has reopened to the public following months of closures to remove diseased trees. David Bocking went for a walk there last week to see what’s changed:

“One of our early posts covered the changes to come at Wyming Brook. I was warned by land managers Sheffield & Rotherham Wildlife Trust that it might look drastic in the short term. So after a winter of tree work, with around 900 larch trees felled or ring-barked in the Wyming Brook Nature Reserve, does it? 

“Trackside larches are gone now, felled and taken away for timber to help towards the costs of an operation SRWT legally had to carry out, by order of a government Statutory Plant Health Notice (SPHN) due to an outbreak of Phytophthora ramorum, a fungus-like disease of larch trees that spreads easily via windblown rain and watercourses.”



“Over the next years, scrub woodland will develop with thorns and more bushes like Bilberry and Holly appearing, and Paul hopes to see songbirds and flycatchers in the more open woodland. Conifers like Scots Pine and Western Hemlock remain, along with some of the broad leaf trees that have already taken root, like Rowan, Oak and Silver Birch. 
The gaps from fallen trees look messy, there’s no doubt. But as we pass we see and hear woodland birds like Song Thrushes, Wrens and Robins going about their spring business, and there seems no doubt that the new environment may well be full of more life than the dark larch woods of old. 

“The light will bring in more birds and allow the native Rowan and Oak trees that were struggling under the tall conifers to grow and get away. And as we climb we find woodland flowers like Wood Anemones and Forget-me-nots flourishing already. And below the trunks and branches of felled trees on the opposite bank, the light by the brook will develop waterside edge habitats that will bring in more insects and birds.”


Read the full article at David Bocking’s Substack here: https://open.substack.com/pub/abitblackoverbillsmothers/p/sunday-at-bills-mothers-14th-april?r=jhgjc

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