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One Year Of Sheffield's Clean Air Zone: Polluting Vehicles Fall By Two-Thirds

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Quite a bit of food for thought in the following, assuming folk would like to be informed, rather than pontificate. ūü§Ē

All the blue links below should take you somewhere useful, and hopefully informative.

Try section 7.8 of the explanatory notes, re where excess money goes;
The ability for charging authorities to introduce a CAZ is set out in the Transport Act 2000.

Part 3 of the Act empowers local authorities (as ‚Äúcharging authorities‚ÄĚ) to make¬†a local charging scheme in respect of the use or keeping of motor vehicles on roads.
Schedule 12 of the Transport Act 2000 requires any excess revenue that may arise from local authority revenue above the costs of operation to be reinvested to facilitate the achievement of local transport.

Local authorities should not set the level of charge as a revenue raising measure. 

Schedule 12 is here, but when you read it, you'll understand why the explanatory notes are helpful.


Some answers can be looked up in the legislation, rather than speculating.
Sheffield Clean Air Zone Charging Order 2023


See also The Gazette


For those who claim there was no consultation, see Agenda Item 9, but it was going on long before 2018

Such as The Air Quality Action Plan from 2015


And last but not least, a briefing from Client Earth

What do Client Earth’s legal cases mean for local authority plans to deliver nitrogen dioxide compliance in England and Wales?

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6 hours ago, Irene Swaine said:

And when they closed Leopold Street/Pinstone Street, that was supposed to be temporary.

But it's becoming clearer now why Leopold St / Pinstone St have been closed to through traffic.


SCC will have considered it wouldn't be a great for those staying at the new Radisson Blu Hotel on Pinstone St to have a permanent view of the great unwashed on the other side of the road standing at all those bus stops outside the Peace Gardens & to have slow moving traffic chugging along in front of the hotel. 

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