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Audi Dealer 1970s


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You are right. The car dealership and filling station was at the top of Dunkeld Road opposite Ecclesall Church.  The garage  was demolished and a retirement complex, Fitzwilliam Court, built in its place. If i give it a bit of thought i will come up with the name of the dealership.  

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Europa Cars sold Mercedes from there before moving to Hannover way then Gordon Lamb had it selling Audi and BMW motorbikes before it was demolished to make apartments Mrs Dungworth one of the owners of Europa had apartment Number one which geographicaly was in the former workshop.

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On 19/11/2023 at 20:59, govig said:

Over 50 years ago, I was tasked to go an pick up my dads's new company car, an Audi 100GL TWA 634L from a dealer somewhere on Ecclesall Rd South ? just below Ecclesall Church. 


Back then Audi was not the well known marque it is now and this tiny dealership reflected that. I hazily remember it being in a converted corner shop maybe on the corner of Banner Cross Road or Dunkeld Rd.


Does anyone know what the dealer's name was and where it was exactly ?




Isle of Man

I thought they called them Auto Union back then .

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