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Consultation On Capping Ground Rent By Gov.Uk

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Mr Michael Gove ,  Housing Secretary  is  holding a consultation on capping ground rent  for existing leaseholders ( published on 9 Nov 2023  and closing on 23 Dec 2023 ).


Ground rent reforms to save thousands for leaseholders - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)


The options are :

1.  setting ground rent  at a peppercorn

2.  putting in  place a max value .

3.  capping ground rent at a percentage of property value.

4.  limiting ground rent to original value  when lease was granted .

5.  freezing ground rents at current  levels.


Leaseholders should  post  their  selection   (  for  option 1  )  to Mr Gove    before  15  Dec 2023 .


Other  options   means   paying   ground rent etc   .

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To beat the postmans strike  starting 14 Dec,  its better to post your  selection   for option 1  about  10 days earlier by second class  stamp  costing 75 p  to Mr Gove   at Ministry of Levelling Up , Housing and Communities.   SW1P 4DF . 

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I   found this  report  about capping  the ground rent  on the LKP  website  :




Send your choice for option 1  to Mr Gove   and send  before  4 Dec   or   those-legging-you-over-will-certainly-be-doing-so/

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This is only a consultation, of course. There is no Bill before Parliament likely to proceed as yet, and the proposals focus only on 'escalating ground rent' clauses that set-out a scheme for increases every X yrs. (e.g. it increases by Y % each time).

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Copied from  https://www.gov.uk/government /consultations/modern-leasehold-restricting -ground-rent-for- leases


This consultation seeks views on limiting the level of ground rent that leasesholders can be required to pay in England and Wales. It asks for views on the the following:

  • the full range of problems that existing ground rents can cause for leaseholders, and the scale of these problems
  • which option to cap ground rents respondents believe is the right one to deliver our aim of giving leaseholders a fairer deal
  • whether there should be a period of delay before implementing any cap, and
  • the types of leases which need to be exempted from any cap to ground rents

How to respond:

You may respond by completing an online survey at Citizen Space.

Alternatively you can email your response to the questions in this consultation to Groundrents.Consultation@levellingup.gov.uk

If you are responding in writing, please make it clear which questions you are responding to.

Written responses should be sent to:

Ground Rent Consultation
3 SW, Fry Building
2 Marsham Street
London SW1P 4DF


When you reply it would be very useful if you confirm whether you are replying as an individual or submitting an official response on behalf of an organisation and include:

  • your name,
  • your position (if applicable),
  • the name of organisation (if applicable),
  • an address (including post-code),
  • an email address, and
  • a contact telephone number

We strongly encourage responses via the online survey, particularly from organisations with access to online facilities such as local authorities, representative bodies and businesses. Consultations receive a high-level of interest across many sectors. Using the online survey greatly assists our analysis of the responses, enabling more efficient and effective consideration of the issues raised.

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