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Cargo Reunion - Tonight - 03.11.23

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/// Cargo Reunion ///


I’ll be honest, I considered writing this event blurb using Chat GPT. But that wouldn’t be right. We’ve always put our human hearts and souls into the words on the page, the music from the speakers, and the vibes in the room. To my knowledge you can’t use AI to make sweat drip from the ceiling. Human effort, connectivity and emotion is the glue binding together any party. And even though the words come harder, there is more to say about this party than any other.


How times have changed. Our beloved city of Sheffield is a different place. Our faces and bodies are older. Our lives are very different now to when we embarked upon the first night that would become Cargo.


We have loved, lost, won, and failed. The most painful loss to bear is the loss of a loved one, and sadly in December 2020 we lost our brother and Cargo founding member Mark Reed.


Reflecting on Mark, and the joy he brought through his friendship, kindness, and humour (not to mention DJing and party throwing prowess) it dawned on us that there was only one way to truly pay tribute to our sorely missed comrade. In the only way that we know how... by throwing a party. A party that Mark would be proud of.


There are myriad special things that make a Cargo. We like to play in underground spaces. We prefer the intimate over the elaborate. We simply cannot proceed without the unbridled use of gaffer tape. But most importantly, it is the people that share in our passion for 4/4 beats, played loud in darkened rooms. We need to feel the togetherness that only a party of this kind can bring.


As I said, there is a lot to say, but some things can’t be written down. The party will do all the talking. Mark this one is for you. And as ever, to you all...


It’s yours.


Tickets - https://www.eventcreate.com/e/cargo-reunion/


Cargo Reunion


Friday 3rd November


Bal Fashions, Sheffield


Cargo residents Kassien & GrowMore


£5.00 donation - all proceeds go to CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably)



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