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The Decline In Pubs On London Road

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2 minutes ago, Andy C said:

The area has changed over the years and become much more diverse and the fact you can eat your way around the world on London Road is a big selling point I think!


As for pubs and bars, well, it depends what you are looking for really. If you want to do a run down London Road and Abbeydale Road there are plenty to go at, although many are now more of the sit down and have conversation over a nice drink rather than standing up with a pint of lager or session bitter engaging in raucous banter.


The run includes:

Beer Engine




(Barrel being converted into a cocktail bar / fast food joint)

(Crown looking for a new tenant, again)




Dead Donkey


Glass Frog

Abbeydale Tap & Snap

Over the Yardarm

Picture House Social

Barrow Boy

Two Thirds Beer Co


Gin Bar





All great traditional pub names.

(Ok there are a few traditional pub names in there, other than that)


🌎Worlds gone daft :huh:.


For me I prefer remembering London Rd as it was 8)

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In the early 1990's a colleague of mine was 'floored' and lost his false teeth after skating on a discarded fishcake on the steps of the Hermitage PH at the end of London Road.  He was henceforth known as 'Fishcake'.  🤣

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