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Tramlines 2023

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8 hours ago, Irene Swaine said:

I doubt many people drive to a music festival. They wouldn't be able to have a drink for a start. I don't think that public parks should be closed off for private events, so I do agree that Hillsborough Park is the wrong place for it. The field next to Crystal Peaks tram stop would be a good location off the top of my head. If Glastonbury can get permission from the farmers, I don't see why Tramlines can't.

No where near big enough .

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20 hours ago, Jack Grey said:

People don't care about all that.... especially the British


Just as long as there is beer and music they'll have a great time


You go get your Coco, watch The Ruth Rendell Mysteries on TV and have an early night 


You probably have an exciting day walking of around a garden centre tomorrow 

Hook, line and sinker. 😊

14 hours ago, HeHasRisen said:

Do wonder what arrangement they have in regards to "putting right" the park afterwards, it would have ended up the same no matter what park it was held in this weekend tbh. 

Wouldn't be surprised to see a Tweet saying today has been cancelled. No rain now but 48 hours worth surely has taken a toll. 

I reckon it'll cost a fair few quid to make good, but inevitable given the rainfall.  The surrounding streets could do with a clean and tidy-up too.

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It will be "put right" just might take a few weeks longer than usual.

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