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Crewe Hall/flats

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last year as a student i lived in crewe flats and I have been trying to find out about the history of the hall and gardens. I haven't been able to find a single reference to the hall, except protests about students on the BANG website!

Does anyone know what the hall was built for, its age? I think there have been a few extensions to it since it was first built, but i'm not sure.

any info would be appreciated :)

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Well I had a look and drew a blank like you.

Your best bet is probably to get in touch with the people on the BANG website.

Or you could maybe try the public laison office at the University.



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now i know it was called Oakholme, I can find loads about it:


Oakholme, now part of Crewe Hall, was built by the solicitor Benjamin Burbeary in 1827 and lived in by him and his family for the next 18 years. It was then bought by Thomas Wilson, a cutlery manufacturer, one of whose sisters married Frederick Thorpe Mappin. Thomas died in 1905 and his estate was sold in four lots. The house became the residence of the Leonard Hedley Burrows, the first Bishop of Sheffield, in 1914 but he did not like it and it was sold to the University in 1918 and became a hall for women students until 1932. When Crewe Hall was built in 1936 it became the warden's house


I didn't realise it had been halls of residence for so long, I thought it might have been used during a war for a soldiers' rest home or something.

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