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Have The Regulation Son The Need For Traffic Lights As Roadworks Changed ?

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15 hours ago, Planner1 said:

There haven’t been any changes that I’m aware of.


Whoever is working in the street usually has a discussion with officers of the highway authority ( usually the council ) to decide what form of traffic management is appropriate for the location.


It’s horses for courses really. Safety is the primary concern.


A “give and take” arrangement where traffic on one side gives way to the other is only usually appropriate on a side road with very light traffic. 

Even, these days, disproportionately......


But, if roadwork take up no more room than a legally parked car (in some cases less...) why do they need traffic lights ?

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16 hours ago, Planner1 said:

Safety is the primary concern.

That's not actually true though is it P1 ?

If it was there would be a blanket 30mph, or even 20mph, speed limit on all roads (and that would save far more lives than these traffic lights ever would).

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