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Qpr V Blades Friday Night

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13 minutes ago, cmonkes said:

Stupid safety group? What it stupid about protecting the safety of the fans? What a pathetically stupid comment..... Like their existence even matters barring your one bandwagon jumping attendance. They could have closed the whole North Stand this season and you would have still fit your average attendance in.

Ok maybe they aren't but have you actually seen what was closed off? Why close a big at the end of the north and probably south stand when the home fans were seated on the lower stand of the west stand? It's not just our ground, I'm sure I've seen United fans moan about segregation at your ground at times.

If it's legitimately safer to close the areas they did then the club at least need to look at how they can make improvements to able to use the ground to nearer it's full capacity, same can be said of other grounds aswell.

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9 hours ago, staninoodle said:

The thing I take from attendances in the city is  around 50k watch football between us, but how many would watch a single Sheffield club that was playing at the highest level, weve filled wembley stadium between us once before.

The potential is enormous, of a scale beyond the two manchesters and merseyside and anything in London, a united Sheffield club would attract huge investment and facilities to match, with massive potential to win trophies on an annual basis and european football guaranteed every season, we could have a worldwide identity, sheffield city with shirts bought in every country across the globe and the pick of world talent.

Thing is Sheffield people are that thick, theyd sooner argue with each other over who managed to get 2500 more people through the gate every week and run around holding up a home made trophy made of cardboard and tinfoil and celebrate a 2 goal win the rest of football, understandably chuckles @ our lack of foresight and breathes a sigh of relief safe in the knowledge that will ALWAYS be the case.

In theory that sounds a good plan,  whether or not it would work in practice is another matter. Most Sheffielders follow the team they do because of family tradition

 I was taken by my father to see Jimmy Hagan play, my grandfather started watching United at the age of sixteen which was the year they were formed. My two oldest friends are both Wednesdayites, also a family tradition. Would getting rid of both clubs and rebranding lose as much as it gained?

Newcastle have fantastic support but haven't exactly set the world alight with success, let's see how they go on with the new owners.

Derby have support from an entire county and had some success back in the day but look at them now.

As that great philosopher Jimmy Greaves once said " It's a funny old game. "



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