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Brook School Handsworth

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Sheffield council seem to love pulling relatively new buildings down.


Brook School and Richmond College were both modern buildings. built in the 60's and 70's, now demolished and replaced by a housing estate. 

My lovely school, King Ecgberts, also a new, state of the art building, a fabulous place, and it's counterpart the boy's school built even later across the road in the 70's have been pulled down to be replaced by a new school which looks like Alcatraz...


The Eggbox, the wedding cake, the hole in the road, and a variety of other modern buildings in the city centre, all gone too.

Is Sheffield Council made of money? Does the planning department not have a long term plan that it can just knock down new buildings whenever it feels like it? 



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To be honest Brook School, and to a lesser extent, Richmond college deserved to be demolished. They were both in a very poor state of repair and, Brook especially, not fit for purpose. Probably full of asbestos, just been neglected since they were built. A lack of a baby boom in the 70's meant there wasn't enough children to attend. The extensive playing fields surrounding both were valuable, cared for and well used.

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