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Certify A Copy Of Passport As A 'True Copy Of The Original'

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Hi my Mum is needing to get a copy of her passport certified with a stamp as the 'true copy of the original'. Does anyone know anywhere around Ecclesall road who would be prepared to do this?


Need someone from this list;


Police Officer
School Principal/ Vice Principal/ Teacher/ School Secretary/ Pre-school Manager/ Montessori
Teacher/ Lecturer
Member of Clergy
Medical Doctor
Speech Therapist
Notary Public/ Commissioner for Oaths
Peace Commissioner
Bank Manager/ Assistant Bank Manager or Credit Union Manager or Assistant Manager
Elected Public Representative
Veterinary surgeon
Chartered Engineer


any help appreciated. 



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14 minutes ago, HeHasRisen said:

Well given the person needs to know your Mum you cant just plump for a total stranger. 

No. They don't.
They just need to see the original document and certify that the copy is of the original.



Give Taylor & Emmett a call as they have an office on Ecclesall Road:  0114 218 4000

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The original post looks very much like the requirements of the Irish passport service who have the list of those that can be used.

Our Post Offices offer a certified copy service for £12.50, but they are not on the list.


In the event of nothing else being available, a phonecall to the relevant department, to ask if the PO can be used, might be worth a go.

1 minute ago, FoxLady said:

A copy of the passport, or a passport photo?

The poster is quite clear.

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28 minutes ago, crookesey said:

The problem in my case is that my passport photo now looks like a far younger version of someone, this is where the person wishing certification should be known by the person being asked to certify their passport photo.

Which is not the situation for which the OP has requested advice.



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