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Britain's Strongest Man 2022 Line Up Announced

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Britain’s Strongest Man lineup has been announced for the upcoming competition at Utilita Arena Sheffield – it’s fifth consecutive year is set to go ahead at the venue on Saturday 26 February 2022!

Britain's Strongest Man 2022 will feature the following competitors:

Adam Bishop (England)

Tom Stoltman (Scotland)

Luke Stoltman (Scotland)

Gavin Bilton (Wales)

Mark Felix (England)

Shane Flowers (England)

Desmond Gahan (Wales)

Andy Black (Scotland)

Pa O’Dwyer (Ireland)

Paul Smith (England)

Ryan England (England)

Mark Steele (England)


Former champion Adam Bishop, podium winner last time out, is returning to the Utilita Arena in Sheffield to try and regain the top prize in national strongman competitions. Adam Bishop was achingly close to a victory in 2021 and has been training hard to close the gap to his rival Tom.

Not only are these Giants battling it out for the biggest prize in British strongman, the top 3 finishers are also awarded a money-can’t-buy prize, a golden ticket to the World's Strongest Man finals.


Events list:

200kg Shield Carry

360kg Axle Deadlift for reps

150kg Axle Press for reps

6x Sandbag toss over bar

Castle Stones up to 200kg

Utilita Arena Sheffield is fast becoming a yearly pilgrimage, as Strongman fans across the UK descend on Sheffield to witness the biggest and best of British Strongman go head to head for the most respected and hotly contested national prize on the planet- Britain’s Strongest Man!



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