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Rescheduled: Mike Bubbins: Throwback

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A new date for Mike Bubbins' first ever solo UK stand-up tour, Throwback has just been announced!

Rescheduled from Thursday 3 March 2022, to Thursday 2 March 2023


Throwback is a powerful, thought-provoking, unapologetically visceral hour of stand-up comedy that pushes boundaries, defies neat descriptions and challenges audience and performer alike to question the very nature of their existence. In Throwback, Bubbins lays himself bare, describing his torment over his sexuality, his struggles with his many demons and his journey to find his inner truth... AS IF IT IS!


It’s actually an hour and a half of really funny stories, pretty impressive characterisations, possibly a song (we’ll see how that goes), and Mike (me) getting very annoyed by berks, having a laugh about life and generally not taking himself (myself) too seriously.


Throwback is a comedy show about me bringing to life the stuff that I find funny. Pretty straightforward, really.


‘They asked me to do a UK stand up tour... AND SO I DID.’ - Mike Bubbins.

Tickets available soon, keep an eye on socials and our website: https://www.sheffieldcityhall.co.uk/event/mike-bubbines-3-march-2022



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