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Coronavirus - Part Three

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2 hours ago, Chekhov said:

Would they be the same people who stopped you going for a walk in the park whenever you wanted ?


It was the same government, so yes.

You could go for a walk in a park at anytime 

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2 hours ago, Chekhov said:

Some people, particularly suppressionists, have very short memories...

Do you not remember we were all limited how much time we could spend our of our houses ?

Wasn't it something like you can only go out for exercise 1 hour a  day ? Something like that. I don't actually remember because I wasn't that interested, I just ignored it. 

All the kids play stuff was locked OOU, do you not remember that ? If my lad had wanted to climb over the fence and play with there I'd have said "fine". I also remember how Gregg Fell kept the playground at Hillsborough park closed far longer than playgrounds outside of his "fiefdom", ****er. And it made no soddin' difference, absolutely none whatsoever.


Sweden never closed its schools, other than the equivalent of its 6th form for a relatively short time.


I have been 100% consistent about what I'd have done right through this :


This breaks up into three distinct phases.


1 - Early on I'd have been honest with people about what their risk were*, advising (not telling) people over a certain risk to shield and providing all the help possible to do that. We have to remember that back then the "experts" were pessimistic about an effective vaccine (another thing they were wrong about...).

Schools would never have closed.

If possible I'd have treated people vulnerable to Covid in dedicated hospitals where all possible precautions would be taken.

If any care homes had Covid through them and the death rate indicated pretty much all residents had had Covid I'd have got rid of all restrictions in that home so the residents could have had a good life.

People in low risk groups would be encouraged to carry on as normal with no restrictions whatsoever and hopefully catch Covid


2 - From about last November when we had proven vaccines and the flu season was on the way I'd have introduced light touch suppression which, it would have been emphasised would be strictly time limited (see 3).


3 - From the point everyone over 60 had had one jab (and those over 75 or with high vulnerability had had two jabs) all restrictions would have dropped away = completely back to 2019 normal.

From the point everyone over 40 had had two jabs people would have been told it would be in your interest to get Covid now (and not later in the winter). 


I'd have done nothing whatsoever about Omicron.


* In fact I'd have set up an official website where people put all their details in anonymously (age, sex, height, weight, medical conditions etc) and it would have churned out an approximate risk factor. I said this at the time BTW.

The whole deal was taken out of the hands of those closest to the problem. The family physician (if there are any left in your Nanny State)


So the masses were left to get their potential life saving information from  government agency pronouncements, TV, the MSM, the science,directly from the "expert" talking heads, or even the internet.


The problem was, the powers that be had to "assure" the masses, that they were in control of a situation, that they had never encountered before.


"I will end this", promised one of the major perps, in a lust for election votes. The populations were purposely divided cynically by these same perps, and their Media pals,  as "them" vs "us".


The assurances and the explanations and the measures taken, were often contradictory and subject to change, by a finger held up to the "mood" of the people, in political polls.


And of course now society is left to pick up the detris and debris, from this political debacle.


COVID policy has been as badly mishandled, as the Afghanistan surrender, the supply chain failures, inflation, and the illegal entry of millions across none existent borders, the total breakdown of law and order on the streets, and the current situation that sees The Leader of the Free World, inviting the totalitarians of the World, to "minor incursions" into the territory of our former allies.


It is to laugh, or cry, as you see fit!


But the cost to be paid by society for this incompetence, will be felt for a very long time.


It will also be deserved, by those who allowed their basic human rights to be taken away by the stroke of a politicians pen, and restored when politically convenient, by that same politicians pen.


Good luck to you all, in your woke "enlightened" Eurocentric socialist World.


But stop preaching to others, because your own societies are falling apart, and your enemies, and there are many,  are watching carefully.

Edited by trastrick

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29 minutes ago, trastrick said:



But stop preaching to others, because your own societies are falling apart, and your enemies, and there are many,  are watching carefully.

How ominous.

The preachers on here are the ones who repeatedly say what they would have done on a day to day basis and see fit to dispense their partially informed advice to others.

That ranges from the egocentric to the plain crazy.

Precious few on here consider that vaccines have been forced on anyone or should be compulsory.I never have done.

Most of the populatin just get on with it in the light of today’s circumstances and wait to see what tomorrow brings.

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28 minutes ago, RJRB said:


Precious few on here consider that vaccines have been forced on anyone or should be compulsory.I never have done.


I'd suggest 'don't feed the troll' is the best course of action here :)

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36 minutes ago, onewheeldave said:

I'd suggest 'don't feed the troll' is the best course of action here :)

Is that advice to me or directed at me Dave

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2 hours ago, fools said:

No relevance whatsoever to the point being made


It seems it's very difficult for some of you to understand the butt of the criticism, and just default to the lazy and disparaging assumption that everyone with a slightly different opinion is anti-vaxx, or anti-medicine, or anti-science. That's obviously not the case.

It’s quite usual on here for people to ,or avoid the point being made.

I am pro vaccine,and go no further than to  say if you want ,or have-to wear a mask make it an effective one.

So there are a few distinctions that should be made on what is fast becoming them and us

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3 hours ago, hackey lad said:

Would you have vaccinated blood or a liver or a kidney from a vaccinated person, if needed ?

No I wouldn't. 

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4 hours ago, trastrick said:

The thing about masks is that they were abused by most folks I saw around me. Old, dilapidated, stuffed in back pockets, and apparently accumulating all manner of bodily fluids. Mostly used for dropping in to the bank, grocery store or some such. Then allowed to ferment on the shelf. Lol


I always wondered why suppressionistas never seemed to care or warn about the dangers associated with the proper use and care.


Or maybe I missed it, But I'm a news junkie, so I doubt it.


Even the politicians, Biden in particular coughed his way through speeches, into his hand yet, lol, then touched his face frequently.


I'm sure there were warnings and instructions on government health sites etc, but they seemed to be missing from the general MSM debate, where it seemed to just be that "wearing a mask"  to virtue signal was more important than the correct and careful usage. Cheating was rampant.


Social distancing was never seriously observed.


To make the sheep comply you need many shepherds. There can never be enough!



Re masks, exactly.. 

Im still amazed at the amount of people who rummage in their pockets for a mask, fish it out and put on their face just to do a bit of shopping. I have to remind myself they are doing it to keep me safe bless em🙄 

On occasion I'd chat with shop staff who were wearing one. Almost every time I asked how often they changed it, usually the answer was "when I've finished my shift". 

Same mask, 8 to 10 hours without changing it. No one had told them they need to change it more frequently than that. 

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11 hours ago, steve68 said:

No was a good night hence the late read, finished 2nd tonight, no feigning I feel for the guy, I do the odd volunteering in Sheffield's parks, so have a lot of contact with people who are just like him, they have very little in their lives, other than their animals birds etc, so seeing it as another jolly on SF list of ****e posts is,  annoying so well done. We can add it to the list of it's ok, if it a laugh at someone else's expense.



That's nice. I'm very pleased for you. Fingers crossed you come 1st next time eh.. 

So again, I'll repeat, but just this one last time. I wasn't laughing at him. But you know that because I've already said so. 

Have a good day 👍

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8 hours ago, onewheeldave said:

I know it can't be passed on. There are many differences between obesity and covid- there's no vaccine for obesity, it can be cured by calorific restriction, it's not a virus, etc, etc.

What they have in common is overwhelming the NHS [obesity to a much greater extent].

And many can. Especially if the levels of coercion applied during covid were applied to them.

As for fat shaming- I'm not the one who thinks coercion and compulsion should be applied to modify people's behaviour. I'm simply pointing out that those many who did/do think things like compulsory/coerced vaccines and masking and lockdowns are fine for covid, on the grounds that 'covid overwhelms the NHS' and being inconsistent in not applying it to the obese.

This is about the 5th time I've explained this- if you can't address the actual point that I'm actually making, then please don't bother replying, I'm not interested in your strawmen.

Absolutely correct.

The basis of the problem is these people who argue in favour of vaccine passports mix up their two arguments which are completely separate :

1 - Vaccine passports are necessary "to protect other people".

2 - Vaccine passports are necessary "to protect the NHS from excessive demand".


Each taken on its own is easily debunked.


1a - The vaccine does not stop infection or the spread on Covid (it does reduce it, but only for a relatively short period of time)

1b - Vaccines are very effective at stopping serious illness so, particularly if you over 40 and/or unhealthy, get yourself vaccinated then Covid should no longer be on your radar.

1c - Omicron is significantly milder, so Covid is of even less concern now.


2 - Obesity in particular (but also many other things like smoking or excessive drinking, or being unfit) is a far greater burden on the NHS than Covid was ever going to be. So, if those in favour of VPs want to be consistent they should also be in favour of overtly pressuring people to slim down. Though, ironically, many of the Lefties in favour of VPs would squirm in horror at anything like fat shaming : "no, obesity is a legitimate life choice" they would say. Hypocrites


18 hours ago, SheffieldBricky said:



How can any rational person disagree with the statement that the world has gone stark staring mad.

I assume all those people are vaccinated anyway ?

Plus, that's a pool full of chlorinated water....


My 8 year old boy just saw this and he wants to say something :

I think it's mad of them to put these screens up, it could frighten people.


Edited by Chekhov

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