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2nd Yr Plumbing Apprentice Looking For Placement

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Just a quick enquiry. Would any Plumbers be looking for apprentices/labourer.


The reason I ask, is for my Step-son.

He has over the last couple of years, held a Plumbing apprenticeship and recently was told by his employer that his fixed term has ended and the company are not looking to renew/extend it. Meaning letting him go. 


Having a long period off work, Furloughed. College closures. He struggled to get sufficient work/expierence/ and on the job knowledge. Specifically, with central heating systems that his employer didnt work on and contracted out.


He is looking for a plumbing orientated company who could take him on till December (at least) or even better a longer period of time. So he can continue his Plumbing studies at Sheffield College until December.


He would be available to start from Monday 1st November. Based at Woodhouse S13


Thanks all. Please message me if there is any interest. 


Thanks again. 

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I wish I could help but good luck a great shame that his college don't do more to help -

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