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New To The Area - Need Property Advice

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Hi All


I hope all is well, i was seeking advice,


I have recently purchased a property near Dinnington, in the view that'll move there in the near future to be closer to family, once the mortgage is paid off. (Still not sure if I'm going to go HMO or Single Resident) However I live near birmingham  you see so I'm still gauging an idea of what companies I'll need to be in touch with for the inevitable issues that will arise (as we know) for example i have always used & will carry on to use them for any heating issues so that's sorted, however if possible would anyone be able to point me in the right direction for; Reputable landscape companies construction companies and possibly an electrician company?


Also on terms of the HMO or Single resident let, 


I am looking at a 7.4% rental yield with the single occupancy. 

With a HMO I'll be aiming towards a 13.6% yield.


My thoughts are "yes a HMO gives me a higher ROI but it could be A LOT more work, BUT it could get my mortgage paid off faster! (providing I don't have any internal problems, which realistically will happen)

"On the other hand 7.4% is still a great ROI, less problems, less to deal with, but would take me longer to pay off"


If you have any HMO or Rental/LL experience within the Sheffield area i would love to hear your thoughts & experience.





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