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Anyone Know How Inside Ir35 Works For A Paye Employee?

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Bit of a long shot, but someone on here might have bumped in to this


Over recent years more contracts have gone inside IR35 (on "payroll") so a self employed contractor has to use an approved umbrella to do their PAYE - even though they could do PAYE themselves easily enough (a different story / grumble)


But what happens if a company puts an employee in to a role inside IR35? They are already PAYE


Reason I ask is we are looking at taking on our first junior, we are all geared up to run our own PAYE but cant seem to get a straight answer - it could make a massive difference to us as a small business

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you probably need to have a chat with a proper professional about this


i suspect the answer will depend mostly on  whether you are employing him as a real employee or a  self employed person or one of the  alternatives which pretend a real employee is a self employed person and probably partly on what he is actually going to do and for who. 





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