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Ebay Problem!

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22 minutes ago, The_DADDY said:


Ah well we all make mistakes. Well done for admitting your error. Many wouldn't have. 

You'll sort the feedback out though won't you? 

I would if I knew how to retract negative? I've been buying and selling on eBay for about 23 years and never had to retract feedback?



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1 hour ago, Mr Allen said:

Turns out the one who made the **** up was me, Mum found the phone handset in the bottom of the box as she was packing the whole thing up to send it back! I'd given negative on eBay for wrong delivery and everything! :loopy: 


Feel free to insult me, just don't go too far else I'll have to get the Mods in :D 



No insult necessary - we've all done ****-ups at one time or another. 


If you can't work out how to withdraw the negative feedback, do the best you can.  Certainly try the Help and Contact button, preferably when viewing the item you bought.  That way, I would guess ebay would know which order you were referring to.  You could also try the Contact Seller button on the order and explain the situation.  One way or the other I hope you can un-do the error.  Credit to you for trying.  As other posters have said, many would not bother!

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