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New European Football Super League

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47 minutes ago, Baron99 said:

The 'Big 6' have been financially 'punished'... Hmmm? 



Ridiculous!  Not even a slap on the wrist - hardly a tap.  I wonder what they will call it when they next decide to break away, after better PR and better legal advice? EPL2?


The argument that any sanctions would hurt the fans and the players never washed for me.  The Big 6 have been able to get what they wanted, depriving the other clubs of their best players for years, winning most of the silverware in the process.  Their supporters have had the good days, so why not relegate the big 6 to League 2 and refuse them entry into the FA Cup for 5 years each.  Let them fight in the lower leagues for promotion for a while, deprived of Sky money for televised matches.  The true supporters would keep turning up, providing great gates for the other clubs as they fought their way back.  Like Rangers in Scotland, they'd probably get back eventually, but at least Rangers were punished properly!

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Posted (edited)

Oh dear, how sad, never mind.  Good to see one of the 'Big 6', (Chelsea), lose out on the FA Cup. 


Cracking Leicester goal. 

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Wasn't a European Super League the dream of AC Milan owner Silvio Berlusconi, back in the 1990s?


St Berlusconi wanted his all-conquering Milan team to be playing and beating all of Europe's top teams on a regular basis.


I thought he got his wish with the European Champions League, before he ran for Prime Minister, then got done for tax-fraud and soliciting minors for sex, and held those bunga bunga parties.


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