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Joe Biden The New President Thoughts So Far?

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1 minute ago, backintheroom said:

In early June 2019, President Trump signed a disaster relief and recovery bill worth $19 billion. ... Some $1.6 billion is allocated to repairing roads and bridges post-disaster through the Federal Highway Administration's Emergency Relief Fund.

He was promising to spend over $1 trillion during his 2016 election campaign. Allocating relatively small sums to fix immediate problems due to extreme weather events doesn't address long term chronic infrastructure problems caused by decades of under investment (which is what he had promised to do).

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50 minutes ago, apelike said:

Too old and too late.


If he was the best of the bunch then God help America!

don't you think that's rather ageist?


he was probably the best of the alternatives available at the time.  


I do think it's nice that Donald has joined us to talk about his successor. Here is probably the only place on the internet he can post now. 

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He's actually being a very reforming President which is surprising as he's a long term moderate 

I would assume he will be a one term leader so he's a man in a hurry.

 Attends church every Sunday rather than golfing.

Has dealt with incredible tragedy in his life , an impressive person

Easter is the holiest religious holiday, go take a look at what Trump  posted out today.


The smallness of the man is epic

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Also because of America's system the other party can get to veto your cabinet members.

I think Bidens picks have most been placed now apart from 1 .


Trump used a cutesy " acting secretary" way to get some of his picks in place as they were abysmal choices.



The vaccine roll out seems to be going better than hopes were  real scientists and experts now lead rather than a random set of Trump loyalists who pandered to his ignorance.



The long overdue reform of voting is in line, some practices are barely credible in a first world democracy.


Rejoined the 160 odd others country's in aiming to enact the Paris Accord .

The US was one if 4? rebels ,something like Somalia,N.Korea and another, under the previous  administration.



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