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Sheffield Forum Portrait Artist Of The Year

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For those who couldn't get down, here's a few of my faves.


The sun wasn't kind. Very bright over the top of the display board. Lot of glare.











I dunno who won it, but the Hawley & Jess ones are the best in this non-artist's opinion.

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We had a great event on Wednesday at Cutlers Hall, congratulations to Abby Charlesworth, who won with her portrait of John Burkhill! 1555224233_unnamed(3).thumb.jpg.cdade7f683467e9ad8aab0d8a8a6ea7d.jpg

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Here is the guest judge Conor Rogers, with Abby and Tony Foulds. 




And Tony and Abby with the winning portrait! 


Abby will now create a portrait of Tony which will be on display at Cutlers Hall! 


Thank you to all involved, there was some amazing talent on display!


On 15/09/2021 at 13:33, Mr Bloke said:



Is the mosaic one of Mr Foulds an entry or just a promotional poster?

That's the promotional poster, I'll let the designer know though he will be happy! ☺️

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Just going to lob it out there...wonder if she still would have won if it wasn't of John Birkhill? 🤔

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