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Raw Dog Food


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Hi everyone. I have a dog who is almost 2. We got him when he was around 13 months old and he's always been fed cooked fresh meat and biscuits but I hear raw food is much better for them. Can I  move him to a raw diet and if so how do I do it? 

Thank you for reading guys and gals 🙂

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I used to feed my dog part raw when she was young. I just used to buy it from the butchers.

But I believe that what ever you feed them, it must be consistant. Not 100% meat, then a week later cheap dog food.

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Yes it shouldn't be a problem, may take a few days to get them use to it.


Personally my 3 akitas have raw + rice, you will also notice they smell more neutral and less dog like, hard to explain but my 3 smell beautiful, the fur is also very clean and fresh.


We use bulmers tripe, beef, chicken think its around £16 a tray of 30 500g blocks.


Just try him with some, he will love it!

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There are a couple of good places now that supply raw. There's one at Cricket Inn and another at Malin Bridge.  We've had great advice when moving over to raw and we'd never feed anything else now.  It took about 3 days to switch properly and the change is remarkable.  She's less hyper in the evening and her waste is pretty much odor free and far smaller (because her body is using up almost all the intake so there's no 'fillers' to excrete. 


It's great knowing what is going into her body too!


If you're squeamish, they do packs of mince that you just defrost, that contain the meat, the bone and the offal in just the right ratios.  Chuck a raw egg in, or a rabbit ear, or a chicken foot to add a bit extra.


She loves it!

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