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Scc Council Tax Email Address?

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I know, for sure, you used to be able to write an email to council.tax@sheffield.gov.uk to explain to them why they were doing things wrong, again. And when you wrote to that email address you'd get an automated response, which could act as a receipt, and they'd probably (hopefully) action the email... always outside their own timeframe, of course. But, it was a good way of writing to them, getting proof you had done so, and putting something to bed. I've written to that email address and now you don't get an automated response... clever of them, huh? ...so you don't have any actual proof they received your email.


I suppose there's a Contact Us form nowadays? I don't generally prefer those as they try to limit what you can send over... a normal email is what I like. Does anyone know if there's a valid external email address nowadays?


Background is that they're harassing a full-time student Tenant of mine. Not my job to get involved, but I have already told them, last August via email (as I do every year), about him for the upcoming year, and he's also provided University evidence himself, so they either didn't get that, they've ignored it or they are on their pretty standard fishing expeditions. He's getting a bit upset because they're talking about scary things like "recovery action"... I've told him they cannot make him pay Council Tax, no matter how many letters they send. He'd prefer to hear it from them. 😄 I told him that'll never happen... they'll just go quiet and move onto the next opportune target.

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No great surprise there - like a number of firms/organisations I have to deal with, it seems they are using the current situation to make life as difficult as possible. If you can't contact them, they can claim everything is working perfectly, when in fact the opposite is true.

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I should've come back to this... it seems that the email address - council.tax@sheffield.gov.uk - does actually still work. It's just that there's no automated response that acts as a receipt. I actually got a reply from a real person ten days later. I tried the online contact form, but I never received anything back from that angle - maybe they tied both my requests together... or maybe that went into a black hole. I don't know.

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