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Advisory Warning About A Play Store App .

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An elderly relative has no internet and never used a computer. I do the searches for the best energy deals for them. About 2 years ago, the best deal was with a company called Green Network Energy Limited. If anyone has spotted my recent post on my 1+ 3T going AWOL, i was due to submit meter  readings via the App.    When Play store restored all my apps I went to the Green Network Energy app it stated that the app had been updated and existing customers have to re-register. Being a cautious person I went on the PC tonight and lo and behold the company went bust on 31.01.2021. There is an Ofgem page which states that EDF has taken them over and to wait to be contacted by them - nothing sent to my email or to the home address of the elderly relative. I have raised the issue with Google Play Store who are sending me a form to complete. What concerns me is that there is a possibility that the App might be used for Data Mining. It could just be that because of the quick cessation of the company that there is no way that developer could access, but I am not sure how these things work - better to be safe than sorry in this pandemic climate where data is more valuable than anything else. Take Care and stay safe.

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Ah, I get "This app is not available for any of your devices" 


Probably why it wasn't showing at all... it's too old...


Which tells me, the app is out dated and shouldn't be used... :D

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